The last human

A news reporter set-up her news cast cameras, her technician let’s her know that she is ready for live broadcast. She makes here hair ready and is now ready in front of the camera. The make-up person adds a little blue and green to compliment her skin colour.

The news reporter starts her news broadcast. “This is Sandy in front of the New York hospital where the last human has just died.” she announces to the empire, “According to our sources inside the hospital the human, known only as Mark has died at the age of 109 year.” she says into the camera. She continues with her coverage, “Mark was the last of the human race, attempt to save the species have failed over the past 300 years since the source the human race population decline where discovered.” she says. She is not the only news network in the area, the human race has gone extinct. With the last human colonization closing down and returning back to Earth some 1000 years before after many failed attempt of the human race to colonize space in any meaningful way. The human race had succeeded to colonize space for a short period of time, the period that lasted was only around 23000 years. After that the decline did start and it did happen fast.

Sandy says in the news, “This is a sad day for the universe, since one of the intelligent species that once existed is no more. The reason for extinction of the human race is not well understood, but it is believed that a genetic mutation or genetic virus was the source of the human extinction. It is also believed that limited inter-species marriages and isolation of the human race played an part in the extinction of the human race.” then it is showed on news screens across the universe on text screen that human race banned inter-species marriages some 16000 years before, it was among the most oldest of human laws that had made little to no changes to it as the time passed on. “As a member of the Zron empire and long time protected space within the Zron empire, this was allowed under Zron laws since the human race had self governance in it’s own affairs and this laws existed until just about 250 years ago when this laws was finally abolished by the humans. Just 250 years ago the number of humans was only around 5000 reaming people left on Earth. It is a sad fact that this change did come too late for the human race and it was not saved” Sandy explains into the cameras.

Information screen shows informative information about the human race, hight, blood types, gender , life expectancy, maximum range in space over the past 23000 years. It is also noted who made the first contact with Zron space ship and how that contact did go. When humans discovered interstellar space travel and who did discover it. The history of the European Union, later the foundation of the Planetary Union of the Human Race. As the news is broadcast an announced is shown from the Zron high government that human race is going to be remembered and that current exhibition on the human race is going to be updated with this sad news. A news exhibition is going to be planned and open up in two to three Zron years, a new exhibition is going to be opened up on Earth in next several years, in all of Earth major capitals. The Zron high government also sad to loose an valuable member species from there empire. This is indeed an sad day for the Zron empire and the universe.

Sandy then completes her news report, “This is Sandy, on Earth in the Earth year 25020, on 21st of July.” she says to the news cameras. Then her cameraman and technician let her know that she is now off air. When she is off the air she says “This is truly sad, at least that is my feeling.” to her camera man. “Yes, it is he says. Where not your great grand-parent humans?” The cameraman asks her. “Yes, she says, they where. But I am technically do not have enough human DNA in me to count as human.” she says to the cameraman. “Oh that is sad he says.” Sandy answers, “Well, I am human enough for me. Are we going to lunch now before next broadcast?” Sandy ask the team. The all agree to get some lunch and break before the next broadcast of the human extinction from the planet Earth. The universe was awaiting for more news in this and they had work to do. They continued to get lunch and enjoy there day, Sandy did try to enjoy this day. Even if she knew it was truly an sad day for everyone.

Erased from time

A man walks down the street and buys a newspaper from a newspaper boy, the date is 3rd of July in the year 1899. He also carries around with him a small bag. He gets to a bench on the street and sits down and waits, he also set up a small device that turns on and changes his view. It creates minor bubble for him to exist in. Shortly after he turns on the bubble and sits down a women arrives, she also carries an newspaper and an cup of water with him. She sits down with the man, they watch around in synchronised way looking for a single person. “Do you see him?” Asks the man. “No.” Says the women, not yet. “He should be here after 5 minutes if calculations are correct.” The women says. “They are correct.” The man says in confidently. “Let’s hope.” Says the women not so sure that calculations are correct. “This type of events are so rare that we don’t know they come to be.” Says the women and checks her news paper she has. “You got tomorrow’s news paper?” The man says. “Yes, I do. As was the plan I got tomorrow’s news paper.” Says the women and looks at the man directly into the eyes with a cold look on her face.

“I got today’s newspaper. As the plan was. It has mostly older news for the past few days, information is shared slowly at this century in human history. I do not know what is written in it does help us in any way for this event.” Says the man.“ The women replays. “It’s not the news that are important, it’s the quantum state of the news paper that matters. From it we might learn why this events happens and what is going on in the universe today and what is taking place in the time stream.” Says the women. “Yes, that is true and this case needs to be studied in more details.” Says the man while looking around for his target. The women says. “He is going to be here soon. Are you ready?” She asks the man. “Yes, I am ready.” Says the man and takes out of his bag an minor device, he turns the device on and let’s it float in the air. It breaks down into smaller pieces, this smaller pieces go around in every direction above the street where the people are sitting outside enjoying drinks and resting. Nobody on the street notices this since this devices are invisible to them. “Are time register ready?” Ask the women. “Yes.” Says the man. “They are ready and recording.” The women takes up an small computer, it’s flat and she turns it on. It turns on quickly and the screen is in alien language. Suddenly the women ask the man. “Do the locals see us?” The man answers in dry manner and appears to be annoyed of the women question. “Yes, they do. This was all in the mission briefing you did get before you travel to Earth.” Says the man. He also adds to this conversation. “What people of this era see is just an man and a women sitting in a park talking to each other. The shield prevents them from seeing our correct image and prevents them from hearing what we are talking about.” The women nods and is thankful for the information. “I guess this is your first mission to planet Earth.” Says the man. “Yes, it is.” Answers the women. “It’s not a big problem.” Says the women. “I am trained for this.” She says confident with a confident in her voice.

The computer flashes up in front of them both, with an alert to the fact that the target is on route down the street not far away from them. They view the man in question. Suddenly the women says. “This is sad, he is about to be erased from time for no reason.” The man answers. “This is not our doing, we are just observing this event in time, we cannot change it. It is not our job to change this event. We have long since evolved from this primitive human perception of time.” Says the man. He also adds. “While we never lost our physical form our understanding on the universe and time it self has changed. We no longer age and we rarely die as you know. We have also almost no births as you also know. Last child was born more than 500,000 years ago.” Says the man, as he is about to start speaking again the women interrupts him. “What about Jon Forever?” The man looks at the women bit surprised. “Is he something we do not yet understand?” The women asks. “Is he born in this era?” The man answers the women. “No, not yet. He won’t be born for the next 81 years according to time reading and research.” Are the man answers to the questions of the women.

Suddenly an man who is walking down the street starts to burn and he flames up and turns to ash in few seconds. “Did you record this?” Asks the man. “Yes, all of it. This record was perfect and flawless. We have collected 20 zettabytes on this events. We are going to start research on this event soon as we return home.” Answers the women. “Good.” Says the man. People are now starting to gather around the pile of ash that are now the only remains of what was once a person, only thing left of what he was wearing where his shoes. The police arrives few moments later, but the police cannot do anything, all they can do is to keep people away from the scene. Confusion continues on the street on the location where the man had died, with people coming and going and spreading the news about this event. The man says after having observed the chaos and the event unfolding on the street for few moments. “Let’s pack and go home. Nothing more can be researched about this event now.” He says. They collect the probes, close the shield bubble around them and take up the newspapers and pack them into the bags they have. Then they just vanish into the thin air in less time then it takes to blink an eye. Nobody on the street notices this that taking place. Except for one man who has been in the shadow under a tree all this time. He waited there the whole time, silently watching and recording the people during this whole time. Then suddenly he had also vanished into thin air without anyone noticing.

Tomorrow arrives in New York after this terrible incident. In the headline says in the newspaper in big bold letters, “Man burns alive in New York on the street.” The news read that police do not suspect anyone and they do not know why this happened to this poor man. The case remains open and is unsolved. The police is now speaking to friends of this man. He had no family that the police knew of. If anyone knew if this man had a police, information could be sent by telegram to the police in New York city.

The last television station

It was Wednesday 31st of October, as the calendar stared back at him, with the year 2035 printed on with large black letters, or that was his feeling at this time in his life, when he did get his morning coffie during a short break he was taking. This day was marked with a red circle and exclamation mark. It was the last day his television station that Steven worked for would be brodcasting a televison signal the old way over the cable networks his televison station was brodcasting over. That day was today and it had arrived all too soon for him, he was not prepared for this change. He had just been working on the television station for the past ten years, but he loved his job and everything about it. He loved the technology around it and the people he was working with. It was coming to an end, the internet had won and now everything was online and everyone who cared had internet access. Not everyone had internet access, but those people also did not have any television, or if they did have an television in there homes did not watch any television station and did not bother to buy any cable subscription. Over the air transmission had ended several years before and everything was moved to the internet following it.

News, information and entertainment, it was all there now. The cable company they used to carry there signal was closing down it’s remaing channels and moving to internet only over cable. So was his television station, but with the television part of it missing. Now they would just buy and offer content over the internet. They would still do some daily shows, talk shows mostly about daily affairs and offer them both live and online for later viewing over the internet. It was not the same as brodcasting over cable or air. That at least was the feeling Steven had, but many people in the world did celebrate this change and found it long overdue to have taken place. After the end of social networks several decades before people had been communicating differently and more personally, it was now closer to what the world once was before for the advance of technology and the internet.

Steven knew that he was not going to stop progress, that was something he had just to accept. He was at least not out of a job yet, he was now going to oversee the servers and computers that are going to be needed to maintain streaming service on the internet. It was a big job and slightly higher pay and he was at least happy about the higher pay he was now getting. Such as it was this was still adjustment for him and he was going to learn new skills and technology, since computers never had been his thing. He was able to use them fully, but they never interested him and never got into the newest software or hardware for that reason. He had taken classes and seminars for the past few months to catch up to newest technology on the internet and how to work on IPv6 connections and such things. He learned this since it was part of his job now.

He finished drinking his cup of coffie and let this thoughts pass him by, he looked at the clock on the wall and did go back to work. This was his last day at real television station and tomorrow would come with new challenges and problems.

Stories in the work

I am currently working on stories for this website. It takes a while for me to think up an good stories since I like to go around with the details a little bit. While I do not know exactly when the first story is going to be ready I am already working on an idea in my mind. So I hope that the wait is not going to be too long for the story to be ready for publishing on this website.

The story about writing a story

So here I am, not having written a single word in my stories for a while now. I am also doing a rewrite of short story that I did finish writing a while ago. I felt that rewrite was needed, since what I had written was not what I needed to write. While I do not know how long the rewrite is going to take place, it is going to take place.

Such as things go for me. I am not a fast writer, since I like to think about the details of my stories, since the devil is in the detail is the saying. It takes me a great deal of time to think about what I am going to write next, even if I rewrite it at later time.

So, what is keeping me from writing, it is several things. First off, it is the fact I am now struggling with money. It is not because I have so much bills, I don’t. It is because I have so low income and there is always certain level of payment that I have to make. Like rent, electricity, water and so on. It is so bad that I hardly have any money to buy food, I thank for that I live not far from Germany. Where I can buy food cheaper than in Denmark.

This problem, along with the worries constant money worries that I have make it hard for me to write a story. In fact, it makes it hard for me to write anything of value this days. That is bad, since writing increases my income in the end. So I am now in some type of catch-22 status and I am unsure when I am going to get out of it. I might only get out of this the hard way, and that is not going to be easy for me. For me, peace of mind is something that I need in order to write. I am not saying I need trouble free life, but having worries ruining my day or month is not something that works for me when it comes to writing.

Creating a story is a long progress, for everyone who starts a writing career. Many people do not understand this, why I do not know. While I am slowly working on my stories, I plan on starting other types of books. Those books are not fictional so they are easier to work with as such. Many of them are just going to be around my opinion on people, events and other things. I do not know if it is going to solve my money problems, it might do so. It depends on if people are going to buy those books or not. They might not do so and if nothing is sold, I do not get any income at all. That is what being writer is about.

Whatever the case, I am just going adjust to it. That might not be easy, far from it. So far, so good as they say. Even if I can hardly afford any food this month, this has happened for several months now so I should be used to it. But I can’t say it is a compatible idea knowing that I am so broke that I can hardly afford paying for food. This is also the price I pay being from Iceland since my problems have its origins in bad economic policies in Iceland. But that is something I am going to write a book about soon, people in other countries need to know what is actually happenin in Iceland. At least my view on it and opinion.

There is one thing that I have learned since I figured out that I wanted to be a writer and actually started to write for real. Creation process is not a direct line, it has its twist, turns and failures. While I do not know when I am going to publish my first ebook and my first printed book in the category of fictional books. I know it is going to happen one day, it is however going to take some time for me until I finish my first fictional book. I am going to publish other books earlier, since they are less work and do not involve creating a story, since I have opinion already formed and I am used to write my opinion down in blog posts already. Both in Icelandic and English.

This is my story on writing books so far. It is not long or interesting. What I have written so far mostly short stories in Icelandic. I have not written many stories in English, that is going to change in next few years to months as shift my focus to writing more English stories, rather than Icelandic stories.

About the stories I am going to post here

The stories I am going to post here are going to be different types and of different lengths. The reason is that I am mostly going to use this format to practice. But without practice I do not advance in the art of telling a story the proper and good way.

This is all going to be a interesting progress for me. I am already good at writing. But what I am not is to write stories. Since what I have been writing about my own opinions and that is several light years away from telling a story properly. I have already started my work on the first story that I am going to publish here. When it is going to be ready I do not know yet. But it is going to take some time to write it, edit it and then publish it. But the idea is there and is now being worked on. I also do not work on stories all the time. Since that would put me off writing for good. That is how this works for me.

This is not a blog

Welcome to my new web site. This is not a blog. Even if I use the blog format. I use the blog format since I am familiar with it. I know how to use it and it is simple. This is a place for me to publish my short stories and longer stories also. Since this is not a blog. I am not going to allow any comments on this web site. I do not see any reason for me to do so. People can load the stories I am going to publish here into there Kindle devices if they have one. Free of charge as such. But instead I am going to have Google Adsense and Amazon advertisement on this web site. Along with donation button if people want to support me for my work. I am also looking into the option that people can download stories from this site as pdf documents. But I am going to add that later once I have done my proper research into it.

I am going to post stories about whatever I think about. When this stories are going to appear on this web site I do not know. Since I do not know when I have a story ready. But when I do. I am going to post it here. This are stories that I am not going to publish as ebooks just yet. This is mostly to experiment with ideas. Something that I might turn into a book later on if it is a good idea. This is also a about practice. I am not going to be a good writer if I do not practice. This is a good platform to do so in my own time. Since it is a lot of work to publish a story, even if it is just a short story. I am also going to announce here in this site when I publish my stories and where they can be bought. But mostly I am going to publish with Amazon. But people still need to know where to buy my books when I publish them.

I do not have any idea how often this web page is going to be updated. It is going to depend on when my stories are ready. But I am going to write them up in LibreOffice. Then I am going to post them here. Since I need time to write the stories and make the necessary edits before I publish them here. This is going to be a work in progress how I work with my stories and also this web page. So changes are going to take place with time as this develops for me.

My first story is going to appear here soon. I am currently planning it. How long it is going to be I do not know yet. What it is about I have even less idea at the moment. But I am going to do my best with writing it. But I won’t publish a story until I feel it is ready. No later and not earlier then that.