The last human

A news reporter set-up her news cast cameras, her technician let’s her know that she is ready for live broadcast. She makes here hair ready and is now ready in front of the camera. The make-up person adds a little blue and green to compliment her skin colour.

The news reporter starts her news broadcast. “This is Sandy in front of the New York hospital where the last human has just died.” she announces to the empire, “According to our sources inside the hospital the human, known only as Mark has died at the age of 109 year.” she says into the camera. She continues with her coverage, “Mark was the last of the human race, attempt to save the species have failed over the past 300 years since the source the human race population decline where discovered.” she says. She is not the only news network in the area, the human race has gone extinct. With the last human colonization closing down and returning back to Earth some 1000 years before after many failed attempt of the human race to colonize space in any meaningful way. The human race had succeeded to colonize space for a short period of time, the period that lasted was only around 23000 years. After that the decline did start and it did happen fast.

Sandy says in the news, “This is a sad day for the universe, since one of the intelligent species that once existed is no more. The reason for extinction of the human race is not well understood, but it is believed that a genetic mutation or genetic virus was the source of the human extinction. It is also believed that limited inter-species marriages and isolation of the human race played an part in the extinction of the human race.” then it is showed on news screens across the universe on text screen that human race banned inter-species marriages some 16000 years before, it was among the most oldest of human laws that had made little to no changes to it as the time passed on. “As a member of the Zron empire and long time protected space within the Zron empire, this was allowed under Zron laws since the human race had self governance in it’s own affairs and this laws existed until just about 250 years ago when this laws was finally abolished by the humans. Just 250 years ago the number of humans was only around 5000 reaming people left on Earth. It is a sad fact that this change did come too late for the human race and it was not saved” Sandy explains into the cameras.

Information screen shows informative information about the human race, hight, blood types, gender , life expectancy, maximum range in space over the past 23000 years. It is also noted who made the first contact with Zron space ship and how that contact did go. When humans discovered interstellar space travel and who did discover it. The history of the European Union, later the foundation of the Planetary Union of the Human Race. As the news is broadcast an announced is shown from the Zron high government that human race is going to be remembered and that current exhibition on the human race is going to be updated with this sad news. A news exhibition is going to be planned and open up in two to three Zron years, a new exhibition is going to be opened up on Earth in next several years, in all of Earth major capitals. The Zron high government also sad to loose an valuable member species from there empire. This is indeed an sad day for the Zron empire and the universe.

Sandy then completes her news report, “This is Sandy, on Earth in the Earth year 25020, on 21st of July.” she says to the news cameras. Then her cameraman and technician let her know that she is now off air. When she is off the air she says “This is truly sad, at least that is my feeling.” to her camera man. “Yes, it is he says. Where not your great grand-parent humans?” The cameraman asks her. “Yes, she says, they where. But I am technically do not have enough human DNA in me to count as human.” she says to the cameraman. “Oh that is sad he says.” Sandy answers, “Well, I am human enough for me. Are we going to lunch now before next broadcast?” Sandy ask the team. The all agree to get some lunch and break before the next broadcast of the human extinction from the planet Earth. The universe was awaiting for more news in this and they had work to do. They continued to get lunch and enjoy there day, Sandy did try to enjoy this day. Even if she knew it was truly an sad day for everyone.