Erased from time

A man walks down the street and buys a newspaper from a newspaper boy, the date is 3rd of July in the year 1899. He also carries around with him a small bag. He gets to a bench on the street and sits down and waits, he also set up a small device that turns on and changes his view. It creates minor bubble for him to exist in. Shortly after he turns on the bubble and sits down a women arrives, she also carries an newspaper and an cup of water with him. She sits down with the man, they watch around in synchronised way looking for a single person. “Do you see him?” Asks the man. “No.” Says the women, not yet. “He should be here after 5 minutes if calculations are correct.” The women says. “They are correct.” The man says in confidently. “Let’s hope.” Says the women not so sure that calculations are correct. “This type of events are so rare that we don’t know they come to be.” Says the women and checks her news paper she has. “You got tomorrow’s news paper?” The man says. “Yes, I do. As was the plan I got tomorrow’s news paper.” Says the women and looks at the man directly into the eyes with a cold look on her face.

“I got today’s newspaper. As the plan was. It has mostly older news for the past few days, information is shared slowly at this century in human history. I do not know what is written in it does help us in any way for this event.” Says the man.“ The women replays. “It’s not the news that are important, it’s the quantum state of the news paper that matters. From it we might learn why this events happens and what is going on in the universe today and what is taking place in the time stream.” Says the women. “Yes, that is true and this case needs to be studied in more details.” Says the man while looking around for his target. The women says. “He is going to be here soon. Are you ready?” She asks the man. “Yes, I am ready.” Says the man and takes out of his bag an minor device, he turns the device on and let’s it float in the air. It breaks down into smaller pieces, this smaller pieces go around in every direction above the street where the people are sitting outside enjoying drinks and resting. Nobody on the street notices this since this devices are invisible to them. “Are time register ready?” Ask the women. “Yes.” Says the man. “They are ready and recording.” The women takes up an small computer, it’s flat and she turns it on. It turns on quickly and the screen is in alien language. Suddenly the women ask the man. “Do the locals see us?” The man answers in dry manner and appears to be annoyed of the women question. “Yes, they do. This was all in the mission briefing you did get before you travel to Earth.” Says the man. He also adds to this conversation. “What people of this era see is just an man and a women sitting in a park talking to each other. The shield prevents them from seeing our correct image and prevents them from hearing what we are talking about.” The women nods and is thankful for the information. “I guess this is your first mission to planet Earth.” Says the man. “Yes, it is.” Answers the women. “It’s not a big problem.” Says the women. “I am trained for this.” She says confident with a confident in her voice.

The computer flashes up in front of them both, with an alert to the fact that the target is on route down the street not far away from them. They view the man in question. Suddenly the women says. “This is sad, he is about to be erased from time for no reason.” The man answers. “This is not our doing, we are just observing this event in time, we cannot change it. It is not our job to change this event. We have long since evolved from this primitive human perception of time.” Says the man. He also adds. “While we never lost our physical form our understanding on the universe and time it self has changed. We no longer age and we rarely die as you know. We have also almost no births as you also know. Last child was born more than 500,000 years ago.” Says the man, as he is about to start speaking again the women interrupts him. “What about Jon Forever?” The man looks at the women bit surprised. “Is he something we do not yet understand?” The women asks. “Is he born in this era?” The man answers the women. “No, not yet. He won’t be born for the next 81 years according to time reading and research.” Are the man answers to the questions of the women.

Suddenly an man who is walking down the street starts to burn and he flames up and turns to ash in few seconds. “Did you record this?” Asks the man. “Yes, all of it. This record was perfect and flawless. We have collected 20 zettabytes on this events. We are going to start research on this event soon as we return home.” Answers the women. “Good.” Says the man. People are now starting to gather around the pile of ash that are now the only remains of what was once a person, only thing left of what he was wearing where his shoes. The police arrives few moments later, but the police cannot do anything, all they can do is to keep people away from the scene. Confusion continues on the street on the location where the man had died, with people coming and going and spreading the news about this event. The man says after having observed the chaos and the event unfolding on the street for few moments. “Let’s pack and go home. Nothing more can be researched about this event now.” He says. They collect the probes, close the shield bubble around them and take up the newspapers and pack them into the bags they have. Then they just vanish into the thin air in less time then it takes to blink an eye. Nobody on the street notices this that taking place. Except for one man who has been in the shadow under a tree all this time. He waited there the whole time, silently watching and recording the people during this whole time. Then suddenly he had also vanished into thin air without anyone noticing.

Tomorrow arrives in New York after this terrible incident. In the headline says in the newspaper in big bold letters, “Man burns alive in New York on the street.” The news read that police do not suspect anyone and they do not know why this happened to this poor man. The case remains open and is unsolved. The police is now speaking to friends of this man. He had no family that the police knew of. If anyone knew if this man had a police, information could be sent by telegram to the police in New York city.