The last television station

It was Wednesday 31st of October, as the calendar stared back at him, with the year 2035 printed on with large black letters, or that was his feeling at this time in his life, when he did get his morning coffie during a short break he was taking. This day was marked with a red circle and exclamation mark. It was the last day his television station that Steven worked for would be brodcasting a televison signal the old way over the cable networks his televison station was brodcasting over. That day was today and it had arrived all too soon for him, he was not prepared for this change. He had just been working on the television station for the past ten years, but he loved his job and everything about it. He loved the technology around it and the people he was working with. It was coming to an end, the internet had won and now everything was online and everyone who cared had internet access. Not everyone had internet access, but those people also did not have any television, or if they did have an television in there homes did not watch any television station and did not bother to buy any cable subscription. Over the air transmission had ended several years before and everything was moved to the internet following it.

News, information and entertainment, it was all there now. The cable company they used to carry there signal was closing down it’s remaing channels and moving to internet only over cable. So was his television station, but with the television part of it missing. Now they would just buy and offer content over the internet. They would still do some daily shows, talk shows mostly about daily affairs and offer them both live and online for later viewing over the internet. It was not the same as brodcasting over cable or air. That at least was the feeling Steven had, but many people in the world did celebrate this change and found it long overdue to have taken place. After the end of social networks several decades before people had been communicating differently and more personally, it was now closer to what the world once was before for the advance of technology and the internet.

Steven knew that he was not going to stop progress, that was something he had just to accept. He was at least not out of a job yet, he was now going to oversee the servers and computers that are going to be needed to maintain streaming service on the internet. It was a big job and slightly higher pay and he was at least happy about the higher pay he was now getting. Such as it was this was still adjustment for him and he was going to learn new skills and technology, since computers never had been his thing. He was able to use them fully, but they never interested him and never got into the newest software or hardware for that reason. He had taken classes and seminars for the past few months to catch up to newest technology on the internet and how to work on IPv6 connections and such things. He learned this since it was part of his job now.

He finished drinking his cup of coffie and let this thoughts pass him by, he looked at the clock on the wall and did go back to work. This was his last day at real television station and tomorrow would come with new challenges and problems.