Incident Vix-van B-997

Red dwarf star Ross 128, year unknown.

Ship suddenly appears from a vortex at the far edge of the Ross 128 solar system. Goes past the first and second small planets in far orbit around their host star. They are heading towards an abandoned space station in Ross 128 solar system. This space station is old and shows a lot of wear down due its age and being abondoned for that time. Space takes it toll on everything and space stations no matter how well built are going to wear down to nothing slowly. The ship makes around trip around the space station to slow it self down a bit before making an attempt to dock to it. The docking ports do not fit perfectly, the ship docking port is adjusted to the space station docking standard and then it docks.

Docking is made, a ramp is put inside and the soldiers open up the stuck door into the space station. Stale and old air rushes into the space ship only to be met by an atmosphere that is toxic to most carbon based life forms. A barrier is set-up in the space ship to prevent its own atmosphere from escaping into the space station and vice versa. They carry in a human size pod into the space station, after they have set-up some type of research lab in one of the rooms of the space station. They open up the human size pod, alien 1 says “keep the temperature at 4 kN [10 kelvin], no warmer” (their language is unspeakable noise to human ears, this is a adjusted translation of that), alien 2 says “confirmed”, they proceed by taking off the humans right arm. It is a clear cut at the shoulder, there is no blood because he is frozen to the core or so the aliens think. Alien 2 asks “what is this species?” and points the question to alien 1 “they used to warm blooded according to the historical charter” alien 1 says to alien 2, he also says “they had a funny name, they called them self hudman, the long name was hamo saptiptan. They died out long time ago, even if we travelled to this distant past of the universe” alien 1 says. “As you know, it was not safe to do this research in our own time, this hudman seems to be extremely important to the top brood. I don’t know why, they haven’t told me and I not going to ask them. You do the same” alien 1 says to alien 2. Alien 1 says, “it is interesting, this species was short lived as ugly and primitive as it is. Our historians have speculated that even in the current distant past where we are now this species was already extinct and had been so for hundred of years. If they where not completely gone from their home planet at the time in history we are now, they are soon going to be according to our historians” alien 1 says. He picks up a tool with his fourth and fifth arm while leaning on the table with his sixth and seventh arm on the table. Alien 1 then says to alien 2 “I wonder where their home planet is, if we find it we might be able to collect more samples for study of this species” then alien 1 adds “sadly, location of their home planet is forever lost to us” he mumbles as continues to do his study.

Behind them as the aliens study the person on their table is the temperature measurement instrument. Suddenly it shows the temperature of 5kN then it goes up quickly to 6kN then suddenly to 30kN and by then alarm is sounded off in the research lab. The aliens try to increase cooling but the temperature just keeps increasing. Suddenly the temperature spikes quickly at 400kN [1000 kelvin]. The hard shell of aliens protects them from sudden death, along with their protective environment suit. With this the temperature drops down 124kN [310 kelvin] and stays there. Everything is now thawed out and the hardware keeping everything super cold can not keep up with the temperature in the room. Suddenly a electronic spark comes out from the man body for a short second, at this second the aliens have evacuated the room and called for a backup from a second ship that has been in a orbit around the space station all this time. It docks to the first ship and more aliens enter the space station, this aliens are armed with weapons. They arrange them both sides of the door into the research lab.

Inside the lab there is a lot going on. The human on the research table opens his eyes up for the first time in a long time, then he says “aaahhhooch. That hurts and look at his right arm lying on the nearby table” he thinks to him self that this is going to take a good while to heal, as he stands up from the table and is completely naked when he stands beside the research table. He goes where his right arm is lying on a table and takes it up and prepares to re-attach it to him. Just when he is doing so the door is open up and the aliens rush in and point guns at him. The alien tries to speak to him but all that he hear is unspeakable noise that he doesn’t understand. This is nothing that his translator can deal with. The alien then turns on his own translator and tries to communicate, alien 1 says “do you…zzzd.s..understand….us”, with that the human says, “yes….I guess so”. He continues to say “what are you doing to me?”, alien 1 answers “research of you…zss…important to us leaders” then a long silence hits the floor as the aliens see how the right arm is attached to the human body and the scars that had been made heal up without leaving any sign that they where ever there.

Suddenly one of the armed aliens gets a command, alien 1 tries to delay it but is not successful in doing so from his commanding officer. The human is standing in the room, naked as this was happening. What the aliens didn’t know was that he was regaining his strength from the freezing, since freezing was not part of his normal conditions. This recovery takes time, but the aliens seems to like it hot and the temperature in the room is rising fast and that helps him greatly in the recovery. He gets to minimal energy levels that he needs, then he puts his hand on a ancient device in the room and tries to power it on, nothing happens, he curses in silence about it. He continues to be naked in front of the aliens. He thinks to him self that he needs to change that, but getting clothes from the alien is for oblivious reasons not possible.

He manages to get his energy levels to slightly higher levels then before, his status overall is improving greatly with every passing moment. Suddenly the alien that he was speaking to him before starts to speak again with their translator, the alien 1 says “we…are…forgiven…must kill safe…our species…from the great death…zdttds…zzzeaf…you are the key…reasons unknown…zdaf” then silence as the aliens tries to adjust the translator a bit in make her self more understandable. Then alien 1 speaks again, “you…are..important to our leaders…your body..helps us survive the great death” he continues to say.

With that the man says, “I got a name, I’m called Jon Forever” he says, the alien 1 looks at the others and then says “doesn’t…matter to us. Your secret must become our secret so we…can…live until the great darkness of….great void”. With that Jon Forever says…excuse me. I need to get dressed” with that a light circle appears around him as he observes the molecules around him to create a bit of clothing, this process takes only five seconds from end to start. With that Jon Forever, “I hope you like it, it was the main fashion when I was last awake, I don’t know when I was last awake…I need to find that out. You know what year this is?” Jon Forever says in a confusing way. Then Jon Forever says “whow! I guess I’m not fully thawed out yet. Sorry for that” to the aliens. More command seems to go the aliens.

Alien 1 says then to Jon Forever, “you must die…adaf…research must continue for the good of our species. Immorality must be hours” the translator garbles out. With that alien 1 goes out. With that Jon Forever says to the aliens, “no, you can’t have it, not now and not ever, your species just has to take the path like many others before you and go extinct. I am now going off this station and I advice you not to stop me”. With that the aliens communicate with each other and then arm their weapons and aim at Jon Forever. Then they start to shoot, Jon Forever is only able to divert few of the shots that go to him and divert them, in a few seconds he is able to sink trough the floor of the space station to the next room below that is empty and not powered. It is dark, but it had something the other room had not. It had a window that allows him to see the star the space stations orbits. It is a bit of distance, he takes out his small scanner and points it at the star that he can see in the window. The screen says “analysing…please wait” in alien language that he uses. Then the scanner says “star found in Earth database. Star ID: Ross 128. Type: Red Dwarf. Inhabited: No. Sovereign claim: None/Not known.” With that Jon Forever thinks it is best to know when he is, now that he knows where he is. Above him the aliens panic as they have never seen anyone do the thing that Jon Forever just did. Since their science told them this was not possible to do. Their leaders might have known, it occurred to Jon Forever, because if they didn’t he would be in this problem.

The scanner finises his analyse, the year is 4503 of Zuklen month of the two suns, that translates to the year 2006 in Earth years and the month is May. “That is not good” Jon Forever thinks to him self. This means that the aliens have transported him back 9 billions years back into the past and that might create real problems along the way. Next on his to do list is to find out what aliens built this space station. The air in it is close to being the one of Earth, not fully comparable, given the air molecules this station had not been used for good 853.000 years before he and the aliens arrived to it. Jon Forever notices a panel not far from the window he is standing next to, it is dusty and has not been powered in a long time. He gets a little battery out of his suit that he made earlier out of thin air. He puts the battery on the screen, it starts up, the screen is in alien language but the translator he has on his helmet screen can deal with. This is a slightly older language and dialect of a language he knows in his database. Jon Forever discovers that this station is made by people he knows and is friend of. Jon Forever knows them as “People of Eternal Light”, they are highly advanced and old race in the universe. Humanoids like him and the human race that he came from. He explores the computer console and switches it to his language, marked as Nu-tken in the database, this dialect is even old from what he had learned. Jon Forever finds two things quickly, he sends out a secure pass code to a nearby satellite that communicates with a wormhole technology to somewhere and then he finds a small shuttle pod in order to escape. Jon Forever has not even finishing sending the message to the satellite when a large ship enters the solar system. Ordering the aliens out of it as it is claimed and controlled by the People of Eternal Light now and forever. The aliens are given right now to get out of this solar system and never to return.

The aliens above him have found a solution to their problem and did so quickly after the large space ship enter the Ross 128 solar system. They simply cut the floor and made a nice hole in it. A big “dunk” was heard when they piece they cut got loose. The aliens rushed down to the floor with their guns and aimed and shot at Jon Forever, ruined the screen he was using, he just managed to get into cover. What was worse he was pinned down. He sees the large space ship outside the window, he just has one problem. He has not enough fuel or energy to get to the ship he also risk getting captured by the aliens out in space if he goes out in space without using a shuttle. Shots are exchanged, Jon Forever manages to put a emergency beckon out in the window. It flashes a big light out the main ship of the People of Eternal Light, signalling them to send a rescue pod to him quickly. The main star ship is around two light minutes. Making this a long wait for Jon Forever until his emergency flash is seen by the main starship that is outside the space station. Suddenly a communication link is activated inside his helmet, a women is on the other end, she asks “How are you holding up Jon?” she asks, “Don’t wonder how I know your name, I just do. How are you holding up there?”. Jon Forever answers, “I am holding up fine, just getting shot at by this multi-ridge aliens, they look like Trilobite from Earth. Do you know anything about this species?” Jon Forever asks the women at the other end, “No I do not” she answers him, “the help is on the way, the hull of the space station is going to be cut into in 20 second, prepare for the pressure drop and escaping from the room” the women says to Jon Forever over the communication link. The aliens are now trying to jam the signal so Jon Forever can not communicate with the main starship. Suddenly a battleship of the aliens arrives making already bad situation considerable worse, suddenly a new starship from People of Eternal light enters the solar system of Ross 128 and starts shooting at the alien warship and sending out robot to attack them and other hostiles close to the space station so the rescue process can happen without much damage or danger to anyone involved in it.

Thousands of small drones attacking each other are now flying around the space station, debris is shooting everywhere and suddenly a bang is heard in the room where Jon Forever is in. “What was that?” the women asks over the communication link, “uhh…I don’t know. Not had chance to look behind me since I’m being shot at” Jon Forever answers, “let me look at the wall behind me” Jon Forever says into the audio link. He looks back at the wall quickly, nothing on his right side, he quickly looks at his left side, and there is the problem, a good sized debris has slammed into the space station and made a fracture in the wall, it is lodged into the wall but oxygen has started to leak on its side and the call can’t take the pressure for long since the wall integrity has been weakened along with the station hull when the aliens cut the floor open. The station automation systems are clearly preparing for a breach as suddenly automatic doors close behind the aliens back and even kills one by accident by crushing it.

“We got a problem” Jon Forever says in the communication link, “the wall is about to breach and there is nothing I can do to stop it since I’m being shot at and the shooting has not made the wall any better to look at or stronger. “Don’t worry, we are going to be there in 5 seconds” the women says to Jon Forever. “You don’t got 5 seconds, you got 2 seconds max” says Jon Forever and as he finishes saying those words the wall breaks out and everything loose in that room is ejected into deep cold space, including a alien that didn’t manage to get a hold on anything when the area depressurised. With that Jon Forever floats in space without control, he doesn’t have any energy for thrusters or anything like it. Without much warning and during all the action around him a small rescue shuttle appears above him and a long net to fish him out from cold space.

Once inside the shuttle it goes quickly away, Jon Forever has however passed out during the stress of all this since he was not at full strength when he got ejected into space when the wall collapsed. Jon Forever awakes inside a hospital room around two hours after he was rescued from the aliens and deep space. “Welcome” a women says to Jon Forever, “I am so glad that you are finally awake” the women says, “glad to be alive” Jon Forever says, “we all know that is meaningless phrase for you” the women says to Jon Forever, “that doesn’t matter, welcome to the star ship Mastec..” Jon Forever interrupts the women a bit “how did the battle go?” Jon Forever asks the women, “we won and nothing more, the aliens have left Vix-van solar system for good I hope” the women says, “you don’t have to worry about the space station, it repairs it self quickly after this type of shock, while we where there after the battle we charged its energy reserves for quick repair schedule” the women says.

Then the women says, “I got more to say to you, more to explain for now you need to rest. I’ll talk to you in two hours”, Jon Forever nods and accepts that suggestion from the women. He then tries to get more rest in the starship hospital bed.

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  1. Well, it got me reading to the end, and that is a good sign. Needs some grammar and word association work, (other than the Translations of Speech). It’s has potential for a good space opera, ummmmm sci-fi 🙂

    1. I think my grammar use is just my usage of language overall. I’m like this also in Icelandic. Along with my own personal style. It is evolving and changing and I do plan on adding more English classes from next year (along with Icelandic grammar classes).

      The main problem I’ve dealt with in this that when I was a kid I did not get good qualified English teaching. It mainly affects my word usage.

      I am happy that you liked the story. 🙂

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