The Danish policy of 2077

Copenhagen 22th October 2077, 13:35 Central European Time.

The assistant opens the door to the prime minster of Denmark. The prime minister goes to his office and sits down, few red folders are waiting for him. Those are marked classified and for his eyes only. He opens one up, signs it and hands it to his secretary, he signs the next one, does the same. The third red folder is thicker, heavier and more detailed. He picks up a phone and makes a call, he is asking for minister of border security, justice and peace.

“Here is the resolution from the council, I wanted to get your opinion of it before I sign it into law”, the prime minister says to the minister of border security. “What is that you needed to talk about?” The justice minister asks, “mostly about cost, this is going to cost us a fortune once the increased border security is finished” the prime minister says, having stood up and gone to window looking out on the rainy day that it was. “While the costs are high, the economic benefits are greater, this is going to keep people from escaping over the border to Germany”, the minister for justice says, “since you know, Germans don’t send anyone back to Denmark once they are over the border. That is the big problem, we have pressured the Germans to send people to Denmark, but they always refuse”, the minister of justice says. “Regardless, this will become law”, says the prime minister as he sits down and signs the document into law. “I want preparations to start tomorrow according to this law” the prime minister says. “Yes, no problem”, the justice minister says. “What is the other problem the you wanted to discuss”, the justice minister asks. “The prison camps outside Odense and Århus are getting full, I got a solution to that problem, we simply execute 400.000 people, making room for 200.000 new prisoners in the process. I want you get this done by end of next week. We will issue a statement in the press that a sickness broke out in the prison camps and killed those people” the prime minister says.

“I also have one last matter, Germany refuses to give Denmark back Flensburg and the land down to Kiel. This is not acceptable. I want more pressure in this matter so Denmark can get back the land it lost in 1864. I want you to increase our demands to include Hamburg and nearby towns. The new border can be drawn at Lower Saxony to the east and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to the east” the prime minister says. “Germany is never going to accept this” the justice minister says, “doesn’t matter” the prime minister says, “I will take it anyway by force next year” he says to the justice minister. “The war with Russia has Germany occupied and they are going to be unprepared for this” the prime minister says. “With France in ruins and forces ruling England that have allied to our view, we will get support from them soon, once the border war with Scotland is over” the prime minister says. “I have commanded the army to prepare for war next year, we are going to build several defence and assault positions on the border with Germany so they can’t hit us back when we take back what is our land.” The prime minister says with a fierce voice.

The minister of border security, justice and peace goes out of the prime minister office. He has work to do. Once the prime minister of Denmark is alone, he picks up the phone and makes a call to Russia. “Everything is ready, we will invade Germany next year, that should give you the chance to take Germany over in few months” he says in the telephone, he says goodbye the person on the other end and hangs up the telephone.

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  1. Not too rosey a future that you see there Jon. What happened to the Americans and the Chinese in this scenario?

    1. That is a different short story. But this is in a fact side story to the main story (Jon Forever story) that I’m working on. It’s a complicated story arch, I need to work more on it.

  2. There is an element of truth to this. This could be written up into a screen play. U.k. and the rest of Europe post eu.
    Lovely touch with the executions, very nazi.
    A quick correction.
    Several positions.

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