About the stories I am going to post here

The stories I am going to post here are going to be different types and of different lengths. The reason is that I am mostly going to use this format to practice. But without practice I do not advance in the art of telling a story the proper and good way.

This is all going to be a interesting progress for me. I am already good at writing. But what I am not is to write stories. Since what I have been writing about my own opinions and that is several light years away from telling a story properly. I have already started my work on the first story that I am going to publish here. When it is going to be ready I do not know yet. But it is going to take some time to write it, edit it and then publish it. But the idea is there and is now being worked on. I also do not work on stories all the time. Since that would put me off writing for good. That is how this works for me.