News from the year 2018

News from the year 2018: Trump famine continues in the U.S. 45 million people estimated dead. U.N overwhelmed, refugees from U.S enter Canada and Mexico. This famine in the U.S started in mid 2017 when Trump blundered the farming system in the U.S, putting millions of farmers out of work. He also refused and abolished all pollution controls in the U.S leading to contamination of the water and the soil in the large parts of the U.S. Areas that nothing is going to grow for the next two-thousands years. This has also lead to contaminated areas in Canada and Mexico in border areas and reaching up to 20 – 50 km into those countries. President Trump has also been put on a black list in the EU, Canada, Mexico and all of south-America and Africa. Other countries are currently considering taking actions against Trump. The U.S economy has almost collapsed, leading to mass poverty and crime levels up to 78% in some areas of the U.S.

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