Sector 24-17-52

Military space-station Gelamatix in sector 177-321-99-1 at the edge of the galaxy. This is on Wednesday 24-November-2559 at 14:35 UTC standard Earth Time.

“Captain, there is something appearing on the long distance radar. It entered normal space in sector 24-17-52 and is 48 light hours away from us, we might be able to have visual on it by now” Ltd, Clair says to her captain James. “I just hope its not a asteroid, comet, or some other space junk from long lost alien civilization” he says. I’m going home tomorrow and I was hoping for quiet last hours at this post. “It’s not a comet or an asteroid, or any type of space junk, this is in a empty region of space” Ltd, Clair says to her commanding officer. “Great, just what I needed” James says, “bring up the long range cameras, its only 48 hours away from us currently so we should be able to record the light from it at this point” Other officers go and do turn and aim the long range cameras at the unknown object. “Bring it up on the screen” James says, “lets see what we got her”, while he looks at the screen, “what is that?” he asks, “can we get a better resolution on this object” he checks with his staff, “let me try” Ltd, Mark says, “any improvement?, Ltd, Mark asks, “little, try to focus more and clear up the image” Captain James says. “How large this object?” James asks, “Let me check” Ltd, Johanna answers, she goes to her computer and does the math. “It’s large sir, really, really large”, she says, “how large” James asks, “around five times the size of the moon, with seven time the mass of the moon, so it’s dense” Ltd, Johanna says to her captain.

“Seven time mass of the moon”, Captain James says, “do we know how this just appeared in empty space, do we know anything at all?” Captain James says. “We are at safe distance, since the object is at distance of 346,25 Astronomical units”, tactical officer William told the captain. “So far nothing has left this object. Maybe this is a asteroid that has just crossed out radar” William says over to his co-workers. “Maybe, just maybe” Ltd, Clair says. Suddenly, a light appears on the surface, clearly seen on the long range cameras that continue to be focused on the sphere object. “We got something” Ltd, Clair says, as more lights on the object turn on slowly and in order. The sphere lights up slowly, “anything coming away from the sphere” Captain James asks Ltd, Clair. “No, nothing so far, this might not even be occupied, might be fully automatic system” she says. Suddenly everything starts to shake at the space station, “WoW!” Ltd, Clare says, “what was that”, James asks while look at the monitors that are focused on the sphere. “What is it doing”, Ltd Clair says. “When I took astrophysics this was not covered in my studies”, she says. “What is this?” Captain James asks, “we don’t know”, Ltd, Clair says, this is not in our database or in our database, this is clearly alien. “Alien, you are telling me that aliens build a sphere that is five times the size of the moon with seven times of the mass”, Captain James says, as new gravity wave hits space station in full force, “this was clearly stronger then the last one” Ltd, Clair says.

“We are about to find out what is going on there” Ltd, Clair says to her fellow officer, new gravity wave hits the station. “This one was smaller” Ltd, Clair says, “I’m going to contact head quarters and ask for an advice on what to do” Captain James says and walks into his office. “Yes, sir” Ltd, Clair says. While the captain is in his office contacting the head quarters in order to ask for assistance and advice on what to do in the situation that has now ongoing. A strong gravity wave hits the space station suddenly, making it tilt on it’s axis a little bit. “Everyone alright” Ltd, Coleman calls out, “I’m alive” Ltd, Clair says. “I’m alive too”, Ltd, Jenna says. “There is going to be a axis correction in 45 second, get ready for it” Ltd, Coleman calls out. The space station does an automatic axis correction and is now on its regular 0° degree axis. “Where are those gravity waves coming from, not the sphere, it’s too small for this?” Ltd, Clair wonders, being one of three a astrophysicists in this mission. “Is the captain alright” Ltd, James asks, “I think so, he was in a conference with his superiors earlier”. Second in command walks into the command deck, “where is the captain?” he asks, “in his office” Private, Paul says. The second in command tries to raise the door, but no answer comes from the office. “Ask for medics” second in command says, private officer asks for medics to the captains office. The second in command opens the door with his security override code, the door opens in the end, clearly something happened at the captains office, even of the main command deck had mostly escaped any major damage. The medics arrive to the command office. Second in command steps out, the commander is alive, just unconscious after he got knocked by the wall during the axis rotation. “Do we know how much the rotation of the axis was?”, the second in command asks, “it was around 25%, I don’t have any better number to give you now, due to technical failures from the gravity waves” Ltd, Clair says.

“I’ve just figured out were those gravity waves are coming from, they are coming from dark matter close to the sphere. The sphere seems to be energizing it somehow. I’ve never seen this before, everything we know about dark matter might be wrong due this…” suddenly Ltd, Clair is interrupted, “look out the window, what is that?” private Theo says. “Oh, what is that” Ltd, Clair says. “Running the scanners to see what this is, this appears to be energized hydrogen. It has been theorized in the early universe, but they never managed to proof it as a fact” Ltd, Clair says. “Contact the second in command now, do it now, this is top priority” Ltd, Clair yells out in a panic mode. She looks at the monitor that is working. “Can someone re-focus the long distance camera that is working, we have to know what is going on at the sphere” Ltd, Clair says to her fellow officers. “Let me try, there is some damage to the camera” Clair hears from the person manning the long distance camera. “What is that..?” Clair says. The sphere is now in full light and giving out a huge amount of energy that is lighting up the dark space and the dark matter around it. Second in commands enters the command desk, “report” he says to Ltd, Clair. “We are in big trouble”, she says to second in command, “how so” he says, “you see the light outside, that is energized hydrogen, there are theories that suggest that when the hydrogen looses the extra four electrons that are now attached to it is going to be a big bang” Ltd, Clair says to her second in command, “we are surrounded by this type of prime ordeal hydrogen” she says, “I though this was only a theory” second in command says, “so did I” Clair says. “What is your recommendation?” second in commands asks Clair, “we need to leave, we need to evacuate everyone right now or soon as possible” Clair says, “we also got second problem and that is larger” Clair says and looks up at the screen where the sphere can be seen in its full light. Suddenly something smaller shoots out from the sphere, a smaller sphere appears, it is even glowing more intense then the larger one that is now starting to dim down. Suddenly the larger sphere makes a slow move and opens up a subspace window and disappears into it. “It’s gone” Clair says to her second in command, a second bright spot is in place were it left the smaller sphere in place. “What is that” Clair wonders.

Clair runs a spectral analyse while the station evacuations are on the way. The results come in on her computer screen, “no way”, she says to her self. “Get me commander Freddy” she says over the intercom. “Commander Freddy her” is answered, “anything new to report”, he says, “we got a major problem” Clair says, “explain” second in commander says to her, “we got some type of proto-star out there at 346 astronomical units, expect it is not any type of proto-star that has been observed before. It seems to be converting the dark matter into plain hydrogen and the normal hydrogen that was in the gas cloud next to us is now highly energized as result. This process twenty folds every two hours, giving us about eight to ten hours until it explodes and converts all the dark matter into normal hydrogen, at that time the shock-wave might collapse the newly formed gas cloud into a new star and start a formation of a new star system, we need to get out of here now, radiation levels are also going to skyrocket and they are already rising, we got about four to six hours until they reach deadly levels” Clair says, “I see, I’ll order emergency evacuations for all personal right now” second in commanders says.

Within few hours the space station Gelamatix is evacuated of all staff, the strange proto-star explodes in a great light and in the process converting all the dark matter into hydrogen and the nearby hydrogen that had been energized earlier in the process lost its extra energy in big bang, destroying the space station Gelamatrix. Ltd, Clair had set-up automatic data link from the stations sensors and nearby satellites in order to monitor what was going on in all this process. The amount of data is going to take scientists decades to solve and theorize what did happen at sector 24-17-52. Captain Clair leads that research team into this case. The origins and the age and of the sphere that did appear remain unknown. This case remains classified at interstellar military of United Earth. Official explanation of the destruction of the space station Gelamatrix is that space storm hit it with this disastrous results. The military thanks that no lives where lost in the loss of the space station.