Jon Forever | The abandoned city on planet Delta Trianguli 2c

Abandoned city covered with trees and other plants far as the eye sees. This large city had been deserted just over thee hundred years ago. Like the rest of the planet, it was abandoned for reasons unknown to all but the people who had lived there and they were long gone.

This was the Earth year 2080 in the month of October on Earth and a man named Jon Forever stood in the ruins of this city wondering what the hell he was doing there in the first place. His ship had been parked in something that looked like parking lot on Earth. He had turned 100 years old earlier in that year. He was immortal and looked like a mid thirty year old person. Everyone of Earth that knew him were long dead and gone and even if they were not long dead and gone they soon would be. In some parts of his feeling he knew that was for the best, he would miss few people and others less. Getting immortal was a mess and is a different story.

Jon Forever had recently got a class 3 interstellar spaceship that allowed him to get away from Earth and the human race. It was also good thing, because governments were he was living were starting to get suspicious of his long life. One faked death later, Jon Forever was on his ship with few of his old stuff with him and going past Moon New York and Mars Angeles. Both infant cities and had seen their share of problems and loss since 2060 when the Moon New York was established and 2075 when Mars Angeles had been established.

This was the first planet outside Earth that Jon Forever had been to. The trip took eight days from Earth. The database had told him that this was a living, thriving planet with a lot of culture and interesting places to see. That turned out to be outdated data, instead the cities were dead and overgrown. The mission now for Jon Forever was to figure out what had happened, he always loved a good mystery and problem to solve. This also was going to help him to pass the time and distract him, a being from the beyond that his first 3000 years of his immortality were going to be the absolutely worst. This was not an exaggeration by the being from the beyond. Jon Forever was the only sentient being on this planet, he was longer human, he just looked like a normal human being and had done so for a long time.

The work started as the two suns were above him in the sky, making the day hot. He had a good time to work on this and he felt that was a good thing for him after few hours of work. At the mark of 100 years old, he had to think about the past and how he had lived his life up to this point. For the next few months Jon Forever was going to stay in orbit during the night for safety reasons he also needed to explore the two other planets in the system, both of them had something that looked like cities and possibly space stations in orbit that were in need for exploring.

New adventure had started and were it was going to take him he didn’t know.