About the stories I am going to post here

The stories I am going to post here are going to be different types and of different lengths. The reason is that I am mostly going to use this format to practice. But without practice I do not advance in the art of telling a story the proper and good way.

This is all going to be a interesting progress for me. I am already good at writing. But what I am not is to write stories. Since what I have been writing about my own opinions and that is several light years away from telling a story properly. I have already started my work on the first story that I am going to publish here. When it is going to be ready I do not know yet. But it is going to take some time to write it, edit it and then publish it. But the idea is there and is now being worked on. I also do not work on stories all the time. Since that would put me off writing for good. That is how this works for me.

This is not a blog

Welcome to my new web site. This is not a blog. Even if I use the blog format. I use the blog format since I am familiar with it. I know how to use it and it is simple. This is a place for me to publish my short stories and longer stories also. Since this is not a blog. I am not going to allow any comments on this web site. I do not see any reason for me to do so. People can load the stories I am going to publish here into there Kindle devices if they have one. Free of charge as such. But instead I am going to have Google Adsense and Amazon advertisement on this web site. Along with donation button if people want to support me for my work. I am also looking into the option that people can download stories from this site as pdf documents. But I am going to add that later once I have done my proper research into it.

I am going to post stories about whatever I think about. When this stories are going to appear on this web site I do not know. Since I do not know when I have a story ready. But when I do. I am going to post it here. This are stories that I am not going to publish as ebooks just yet. This is mostly to experiment with ideas. Something that I might turn into a book later on if it is a good idea. This is also a about practice. I am not going to be a good writer if I do not practice. This is a good platform to do so in my own time. Since it is a lot of work to publish a story, even if it is just a short story. I am also going to announce here in this site when I publish my stories and where they can be bought. But mostly I am going to publish with Amazon. But people still need to know where to buy my books when I publish them.

I do not have any idea how often this web page is going to be updated. It is going to depend on when my stories are ready. But I am going to write them up in LibreOffice. Then I am going to post them here. Since I need time to write the stories and make the necessary edits before I publish them here. This is going to be a work in progress how I work with my stories and also this web page. So changes are going to take place with time as this develops for me.

My first story is going to appear here soon. I am currently planning it. How long it is going to be I do not know yet. What it is about I have even less idea at the moment. But I am going to do my best with writing it. But I won’t publish a story until I feel it is ready. No later and not earlier then that.