Jon Forever | The abandoned city on planet Delta Trianguli 2c

Abandoned city covered with trees and other plants far as the eye sees. This large city had been deserted just over thee hundred years ago. Like the rest of the planet, it was abandoned for reasons unknown to all but the people who had lived there and they were long gone.

This was the Earth year 2080 in the month of October on Earth and a man named Jon Forever stood in the ruins of this city wondering what the hell he was doing there in the first place. His ship had been parked in something that looked like parking lot on Earth. He had turned 100 years old earlier in that year. He was immortal and looked like a mid thirty year old person. Everyone of Earth that knew him were long dead and gone and even if they were not long dead and gone they soon would be. In some parts of his feeling he knew that was for the best, he would miss few people and others less. Getting immortal was a mess and is a different story.

Jon Forever had recently got a class 3 interstellar spaceship that allowed him to get away from Earth and the human race. It was also good thing, because governments were he was living were starting to get suspicious of his long life. One faked death later, Jon Forever was on his ship with few of his old stuff with him and going past Moon New York and Mars Angeles. Both infant cities and had seen their share of problems and loss since 2060 when the Moon New York was established and 2075 when Mars Angeles had been established.

This was the first planet outside Earth that Jon Forever had been to. The trip took eight days from Earth. The database had told him that this was a living, thriving planet with a lot of culture and interesting places to see. That turned out to be outdated data, instead the cities were dead and overgrown. The mission now for Jon Forever was to figure out what had happened, he always loved a good mystery and problem to solve. This also was going to help him to pass the time and distract him, a being from the beyond that his first 3000 years of his immortality were going to be the absolutely worst. This was not an exaggeration by the being from the beyond. Jon Forever was the only sentient being on this planet, he was longer human, he just looked like a normal human being and had done so for a long time.

The work started as the two suns were above him in the sky, making the day hot. He had a good time to work on this and he felt that was a good thing for him after few hours of work. At the mark of 100 years old, he had to think about the past and how he had lived his life up to this point. For the next few months Jon Forever was going to stay in orbit during the night for safety reasons he also needed to explore the two other planets in the system, both of them had something that looked like cities and possibly space stations in orbit that were in need for exploring.

New adventure had started and were it was going to take him he didn’t know.

Stories of infinity | Alone in the sky

It is a dark night, a man looks through his telescope toward the black empty sky. He writes down on his paper, “nothing at location 26 hours, 14 minutes and 26 seconds, declination 24,8 south. That location has nothing” he writes it down. He steps from his telescope and rings a friend that is doing the same thing in a different location and is looking at different part of the sky.

He calls his friend, “Hello” she answers, “did you find anything?” he asks her. “No, it was the same as before, nothing, just black and dark sky” she replies. “Shame”, he replays, “I am going to continue until dawn and try to find a star, they are out there. I just have to find them”, he tells the women, “I am going to sleep” she tells him “I got things to tomorrow and I don’t have time for this”, “fine, fine” he answers in a bit annoyed.

He does this night after night, week after week and month after month. This turns into years and he find s nothing but dark empty skies. Soon this job is passed down to one of his children. A women and her husband, she does the same thing for years and continues to find nothing but dark and empty skies. This continues for two more generations.

One summers day a researcher is at the old telescope, that is now surrounded by new telescopes that are trying to find the answer to the question. “Why is there darkness?” The second question was “Where are the stars?”. Both question had driven the science community to search for answers, but only question remained.

Large radio telescopes had been built, they found a lot of nothing for longest of time. One day a faint signal appeared on one of them. This signal was so faint that it was discovered by a chance. After a lengthy investigative process the signal was found out to be a error in the hardware. The scientists that found the signal protested but the committee that did the investigation refused to accept his protests.

Few months later the scientists that found the radio signal is working on a optical telescope searching for theoretical stars. One night he is working with the telescope and is looking at his computer screen that shows the output from the telescope, as all nights before it’s just black and nothing shows up. Then suddenly a small white spot appears on it. With that the software stops the telescope and starts focusing in on this white dot that is faint but can be seen on the computer screen. The software alerts the man and his other colleagues that are also searching for stars so they can point their telescopes to the exact location.

They had found a star, a real star. It was a strange star for sure. It only visible for few days and then it fainted away into the darkness. It was all recorded and every telescope that they had was focused on it. Months passed and the data was checked, re-checked and researched, papers were published and the news media coverage continued for several weeks. This discovery did mean that the old ideas were wrong, even if they didn’t see it there were stars out there in the universe. The research finally did come to the conclusion that this was a star that was ending its life. How far it was a mystery since ways to measure stellar distances had not been developed. That work was now starting. The search for the next star had already started, new telescopes were being built, new technology developed and ideas about placing telescopes into space had appeared.

Incident Vix-van B-997

Red dwarf star Ross 128, year unknown.

Ship suddenly appears from a vortex at the far edge of the Ross 128 solar system. Goes past the first and second small planets in far orbit around their host star. They are heading towards an abandoned space station in Ross 128 solar system. This space station is old and shows a lot of wear down due its age and being abondoned for that time. Space takes it toll on everything and space stations no matter how well built are going to wear down to nothing slowly. The ship makes around trip around the space station to slow it self down a bit before making an attempt to dock to it. The docking ports do not fit perfectly, the ship docking port is adjusted to the space station docking standard and then it docks.

Docking is made, a ramp is put inside and the soldiers open up the stuck door into the space station. Stale and old air rushes into the space ship only to be met by an atmosphere that is toxic to most carbon based life forms. A barrier is set-up in the space ship to prevent its own atmosphere from escaping into the space station and vice versa. They carry in a human size pod into the space station, after they have set-up some type of research lab in one of the rooms of the space station. They open up the human size pod, alien 1 says “keep the temperature at 4 kN [10 kelvin], no warmer” (their language is unspeakable noise to human ears, this is a adjusted translation of that), alien 2 says “confirmed”, they proceed by taking off the humans right arm. It is a clear cut at the shoulder, there is no blood because he is frozen to the core or so the aliens think. Alien 2 asks “what is this species?” and points the question to alien 1 “they used to warm blooded according to the historical charter” alien 1 says to alien 2, he also says “they had a funny name, they called them self hudman, the long name was hamo saptiptan. They died out long time ago, even if we travelled to this distant past of the universe” alien 1 says. “As you know, it was not safe to do this research in our own time, this hudman seems to be extremely important to the top brood. I don’t know why, they haven’t told me and I not going to ask them. You do the same” alien 1 says to alien 2. Alien 1 says, “it is interesting, this species was short lived as ugly and primitive as it is. Our historians have speculated that even in the current distant past where we are now this species was already extinct and had been so for hundred of years. If they where not completely gone from their home planet at the time in history we are now, they are soon going to be according to our historians” alien 1 says. He picks up a tool with his fourth and fifth arm while leaning on the table with his sixth and seventh arm on the table. Alien 1 then says to alien 2 “I wonder where their home planet is, if we find it we might be able to collect more samples for study of this species” then alien 1 adds “sadly, location of their home planet is forever lost to us” he mumbles as continues to do his study.

Behind them as the aliens study the person on their table is the temperature measurement instrument. Suddenly it shows the temperature of 5kN then it goes up quickly to 6kN then suddenly to 30kN and by then alarm is sounded off in the research lab. The aliens try to increase cooling but the temperature just keeps increasing. Suddenly the temperature spikes quickly at 400kN [1000 kelvin]. The hard shell of aliens protects them from sudden death, along with their protective environment suit. With this the temperature drops down 124kN [310 kelvin] and stays there. Everything is now thawed out and the hardware keeping everything super cold can not keep up with the temperature in the room. Suddenly a electronic spark comes out from the man body for a short second, at this second the aliens have evacuated the room and called for a backup from a second ship that has been in a orbit around the space station all this time. It docks to the first ship and more aliens enter the space station, this aliens are armed with weapons. They arrange them both sides of the door into the research lab.

Inside the lab there is a lot going on. The human on the research table opens his eyes up for the first time in a long time, then he says “aaahhhooch. That hurts and look at his right arm lying on the nearby table” he thinks to him self that this is going to take a good while to heal, as he stands up from the table and is completely naked when he stands beside the research table. He goes where his right arm is lying on a table and takes it up and prepares to re-attach it to him. Just when he is doing so the door is open up and the aliens rush in and point guns at him. The alien tries to speak to him but all that he hear is unspeakable noise that he doesn’t understand. This is nothing that his translator can deal with. The alien then turns on his own translator and tries to communicate, alien 1 says “do you…zzzd.s..understand….us”, with that the human says, “yes….I guess so”. He continues to say “what are you doing to me?”, alien 1 answers “research of you…zss…important to us leaders” then a long silence hits the floor as the aliens see how the right arm is attached to the human body and the scars that had been made heal up without leaving any sign that they where ever there.

Suddenly one of the armed aliens gets a command, alien 1 tries to delay it but is not successful in doing so from his commanding officer. The human is standing in the room, naked as this was happening. What the aliens didn’t know was that he was regaining his strength from the freezing, since freezing was not part of his normal conditions. This recovery takes time, but the aliens seems to like it hot and the temperature in the room is rising fast and that helps him greatly in the recovery. He gets to minimal energy levels that he needs, then he puts his hand on a ancient device in the room and tries to power it on, nothing happens, he curses in silence about it. He continues to be naked in front of the aliens. He thinks to him self that he needs to change that, but getting clothes from the alien is for oblivious reasons not possible.

He manages to get his energy levels to slightly higher levels then before, his status overall is improving greatly with every passing moment. Suddenly the alien that he was speaking to him before starts to speak again with their translator, the alien 1 says “we…are…forgiven…must kill safe…our species…from the great death…zdttds…zzzeaf…you are the key…reasons unknown…zdaf” then silence as the aliens tries to adjust the translator a bit in make her self more understandable. Then alien 1 speaks again, “you…are..important to our leaders…your body..helps us survive the great death” he continues to say.

With that the man says, “I got a name, I’m called Jon Forever” he says, the alien 1 looks at the others and then says “doesn’t…matter to us. Your secret must become our secret so we…can…live until the great darkness of….great void”. With that Jon Forever says…excuse me. I need to get dressed” with that a light circle appears around him as he observes the molecules around him to create a bit of clothing, this process takes only five seconds from end to start. With that Jon Forever, “I hope you like it, it was the main fashion when I was last awake, I don’t know when I was last awake…I need to find that out. You know what year this is?” Jon Forever says in a confusing way. Then Jon Forever says “whow! I guess I’m not fully thawed out yet. Sorry for that” to the aliens. More command seems to go the aliens.

Alien 1 says then to Jon Forever, “you must die…adaf…research must continue for the good of our species. Immorality must be hours” the translator garbles out. With that alien 1 goes out. With that Jon Forever says to the aliens, “no, you can’t have it, not now and not ever, your species just has to take the path like many others before you and go extinct. I am now going off this station and I advice you not to stop me”. With that the aliens communicate with each other and then arm their weapons and aim at Jon Forever. Then they start to shoot, Jon Forever is only able to divert few of the shots that go to him and divert them, in a few seconds he is able to sink trough the floor of the space station to the next room below that is empty and not powered. It is dark, but it had something the other room had not. It had a window that allows him to see the star the space stations orbits. It is a bit of distance, he takes out his small scanner and points it at the star that he can see in the window. The screen says “analysing…please wait” in alien language that he uses. Then the scanner says “star found in Earth database. Star ID: Ross 128. Type: Red Dwarf. Inhabited: No. Sovereign claim: None/Not known.” With that Jon Forever thinks it is best to know when he is, now that he knows where he is. Above him the aliens panic as they have never seen anyone do the thing that Jon Forever just did. Since their science told them this was not possible to do. Their leaders might have known, it occurred to Jon Forever, because if they didn’t he would be in this problem.

The scanner finises his analyse, the year is 4503 of Zuklen month of the two suns, that translates to the year 2006 in Earth years and the month is May. “That is not good” Jon Forever thinks to him self. This means that the aliens have transported him back 9 billions years back into the past and that might create real problems along the way. Next on his to do list is to find out what aliens built this space station. The air in it is close to being the one of Earth, not fully comparable, given the air molecules this station had not been used for good 853.000 years before he and the aliens arrived to it. Jon Forever notices a panel not far from the window he is standing next to, it is dusty and has not been powered in a long time. He gets a little battery out of his suit that he made earlier out of thin air. He puts the battery on the screen, it starts up, the screen is in alien language but the translator he has on his helmet screen can deal with. This is a slightly older language and dialect of a language he knows in his database. Jon Forever discovers that this station is made by people he knows and is friend of. Jon Forever knows them as “People of Eternal Light”, they are highly advanced and old race in the universe. Humanoids like him and the human race that he came from. He explores the computer console and switches it to his language, marked as Nu-tken in the database, this dialect is even old from what he had learned. Jon Forever finds two things quickly, he sends out a secure pass code to a nearby satellite that communicates with a wormhole technology to somewhere and then he finds a small shuttle pod in order to escape. Jon Forever has not even finishing sending the message to the satellite when a large ship enters the solar system. Ordering the aliens out of it as it is claimed and controlled by the People of Eternal Light now and forever. The aliens are given right now to get out of this solar system and never to return.

The aliens above him have found a solution to their problem and did so quickly after the large space ship enter the Ross 128 solar system. They simply cut the floor and made a nice hole in it. A big “dunk” was heard when they piece they cut got loose. The aliens rushed down to the floor with their guns and aimed and shot at Jon Forever, ruined the screen he was using, he just managed to get into cover. What was worse he was pinned down. He sees the large space ship outside the window, he just has one problem. He has not enough fuel or energy to get to the ship he also risk getting captured by the aliens out in space if he goes out in space without using a shuttle. Shots are exchanged, Jon Forever manages to put a emergency beckon out in the window. It flashes a big light out the main ship of the People of Eternal Light, signalling them to send a rescue pod to him quickly. The main star ship is around two light minutes. Making this a long wait for Jon Forever until his emergency flash is seen by the main starship that is outside the space station. Suddenly a communication link is activated inside his helmet, a women is on the other end, she asks “How are you holding up Jon?” she asks, “Don’t wonder how I know your name, I just do. How are you holding up there?”. Jon Forever answers, “I am holding up fine, just getting shot at by this multi-ridge aliens, they look like Trilobite from Earth. Do you know anything about this species?” Jon Forever asks the women at the other end, “No I do not” she answers him, “the help is on the way, the hull of the space station is going to be cut into in 20 second, prepare for the pressure drop and escaping from the room” the women says to Jon Forever over the communication link. The aliens are now trying to jam the signal so Jon Forever can not communicate with the main starship. Suddenly a battleship of the aliens arrives making already bad situation considerable worse, suddenly a new starship from People of Eternal light enters the solar system of Ross 128 and starts shooting at the alien warship and sending out robot to attack them and other hostiles close to the space station so the rescue process can happen without much damage or danger to anyone involved in it.

Thousands of small drones attacking each other are now flying around the space station, debris is shooting everywhere and suddenly a bang is heard in the room where Jon Forever is in. “What was that?” the women asks over the communication link, “uhh…I don’t know. Not had chance to look behind me since I’m being shot at” Jon Forever answers, “let me look at the wall behind me” Jon Forever says into the audio link. He looks back at the wall quickly, nothing on his right side, he quickly looks at his left side, and there is the problem, a good sized debris has slammed into the space station and made a fracture in the wall, it is lodged into the wall but oxygen has started to leak on its side and the call can’t take the pressure for long since the wall integrity has been weakened along with the station hull when the aliens cut the floor open. The station automation systems are clearly preparing for a breach as suddenly automatic doors close behind the aliens back and even kills one by accident by crushing it.

“We got a problem” Jon Forever says in the communication link, “the wall is about to breach and there is nothing I can do to stop it since I’m being shot at and the shooting has not made the wall any better to look at or stronger. “Don’t worry, we are going to be there in 5 seconds” the women says to Jon Forever. “You don’t got 5 seconds, you got 2 seconds max” says Jon Forever and as he finishes saying those words the wall breaks out and everything loose in that room is ejected into deep cold space, including a alien that didn’t manage to get a hold on anything when the area depressurised. With that Jon Forever floats in space without control, he doesn’t have any energy for thrusters or anything like it. Without much warning and during all the action around him a small rescue shuttle appears above him and a long net to fish him out from cold space.

Once inside the shuttle it goes quickly away, Jon Forever has however passed out during the stress of all this since he was not at full strength when he got ejected into space when the wall collapsed. Jon Forever awakes inside a hospital room around two hours after he was rescued from the aliens and deep space. “Welcome” a women says to Jon Forever, “I am so glad that you are finally awake” the women says, “glad to be alive” Jon Forever says, “we all know that is meaningless phrase for you” the women says to Jon Forever, “that doesn’t matter, welcome to the star ship Mastec..” Jon Forever interrupts the women a bit “how did the battle go?” Jon Forever asks the women, “we won and nothing more, the aliens have left Vix-van solar system for good I hope” the women says, “you don’t have to worry about the space station, it repairs it self quickly after this type of shock, while we where there after the battle we charged its energy reserves for quick repair schedule” the women says.

Then the women says, “I got more to say to you, more to explain for now you need to rest. I’ll talk to you in two hours”, Jon Forever nods and accepts that suggestion from the women. He then tries to get more rest in the starship hospital bed.

Reykjavík 2103

Man sits at a coffee shop in Reykjavík in July 2103, it’s a hot summer day with temperature reaching high 26 degrees. The television is on with the latest news of war and other problems of the world, few science news are in the news report too, discovery or the 500,000 exoplanet is announced. The man shakes his head and keeps drinking his soda. It has been a long time since he got fresh soda, good 54 years since he got the last one. He was on his way out of town, out of Iceland and in fact, he was going home and that was not on Earth. His home was now far away in space. He was in fact happy to be that far away from Earth, it’s difficult to hide in a society that monitors and keeps track of everyone. As he is finishing his soda a women and a man come into the coffee shop, they are not in a good mood, specially the women that shows sign of being in a fight. Suddenly the man pushes the women in the direction of Jon, with the results that she lands on him as he wasn’t paying attention to them at all. He falls down of his chair and hits the floor hard. The man comes to the women and starts to drag her up from the floor shouting threats and curse words at her like he is crazy. Jon stands up quickly from his sudden fall.

Jon says to the man “please stop this”, the man shouts back, “this is not your business old man” he says, with that Jon answers “yes it is, the moment you pushed that women on me, it became my business. I’ll give you one option, leave her alone or you will be going out of this coffee shop in a ambulance with an IQ lower that of a potato”, Jon answers firmly. With that the man drops the women that manages to crawl under the table and hide as the coffee shop staff help her and call the police. He suddenly pulls up a gun and aims at Jon, with that Jon says “a gun. This doesn’t care me you fool”, with that the man pulls the trigger at point blank range and misses. He pulls again and misses again, with the bullet going around Jon as it is not supposed to hit him. He tries again and again. Then he tries to run away but is unable to, with that Jon says, “no, no, I did warn you about what would happen if you did this. I know that you are hoping that the police is going to save you, but I can promise you that they won’t, you see, time is a relative thing and I can tell that me and time got a ‘special’ thing going on” Jon says to the man that is now sweating and trying to run away, but his legs do not move, they are stuck and he is unable to move.

Then Jon pulls up a small device that forms into a gun shape device, then Jon says, “any special requests on how brain dead you want to be?”, the man answers, “I, I got children..”, with that Jon answers, “you really should think about your actions before then, I can assure that your kids will still mostly love you after this, but based on your behaviour I don’t know what their moms is going to tell them about you. They might go for the classic that you died in some horrible accidence or got a disease. If I where a betting man, I would say that they are going for the disease excuse, since that is the most easy one. Your kids will learn to live without you and that’s a cold hard fact. Simple and easy” Jon says to the man. Jon then says, “time is going to return to normal…now, you got 10 second to run to the door, if you manage to get out the door you get to keep most of your brain” Jon says to the man. Suddenly time is normal again and the man runs for it, but it’s all to late, he is hit with a gun blast of energy beam and falls to the floor, Jon picks up a small computer that he was working out and goes into the security system and does a few changes to the video recordings. Then he prepares to walk out and says to the staff, “please call for an ambulance too, this man just had a seizure in his brain and he needs a medical attention right now”. Then he walks out the door and prepares to leave.

He walks out to the street and goes around the corner as the cops and an ambulance arrive to the coffee shop, there are blue lights everywhere. The police tries to talk to the women that was in danger of the hand of that man before, he says to them the basis what happens. Then she runs out to find that man with the strange gun. She asks people and manages to get on the track. Jon circles around the corner, but is delayed a little due to a constriction work and road blocks that force him to go close to the coffee shop where he just had been. He is next tree over, he still feels that to be too close to the place where all the action did happen. Jon wants to avoid discovery by the authorities, he has no interest in repeating the insistent of 2090 again. He manages to sneak past the police and everything while they are in the coffee shop and then he walks towards a street parking for cars that is a little distance from the coffee shop. Jon manages to get into his car without a detection or so he thinks. As he is preparing to start his car, a women opens up the passenger door and goes into the car. Jon looks quickly around and see that is the women from the coffee shop. She starts to talk about the man, then she asks him, “how did you do this?”, Jon answers “what?”, she answers “stop my ex-boyfriend”, she says. Jon answers, “the usual way” he says. With that she answers, “no, no, that’s not possible, not even a cop can stop my ex-boyfriend, he was on illegal nano-drugs that enhanced him and you stopped him like they weren’t even there” she says.

With that Jon answers, “I don’t have time for this, either leave or you come with me” he says. She answers, “fine, I’m going with you, I can always get back to Reykjavík by getting a lift”. With that Jon knows that she has no clue what is about to go on. Then Jon says, “please loose your mobile”, she answers, “no, I’ll not loose my mobile”, to that Jon answers, “fine, but it does not work where we are going” he says. She answers, “there is 99,99% coverage in Iceland, it will work”, with that Jon shakes his and turns on the car and drives away. He drives out of Reykjavík and to the south coastline and to the east part of Iceland. He stops not far from Eyjafjallajökull and the mountain view, “do you want a fresh air?” he ask the women, “no, I don’t want you to ditch me here” she answers. Jon answers, “fine, that’s your problem them”, he picks up a phone like device and makes what seems to be a call. Then he goes back into the ‘car’ and drives on. He goes north, past Hekla and up to the highland area. He turns towards a remote area in the highland, now it getting close to ten a clock as he has been driving for several hours now. He goes over a hill where a shuttle is parked out of sight of everyone, then he locks the car and drives into the shuttle. The shuttle door close and are sealed and once that happens Jon unlocks the car doors. Jon opens up the door and says “I told you didn’t want to come with me” as he stands on the bay of the shuttle.

A women comes down the stairs and makes a big kiss on Jon mouth and is happy to see him once again after several days of absence. “Is that the one that hooked a ride with you?” she asks, “yes and she is annoying and has no idea like rest of the human race” Jon says, then Jon says, “are we ready to take off?”, the women answers, “yes, the pilot is ready, “lets go” says Jon, “authorities have been tracking this women mobile phone all day and are sending some people this way, they are just about arrive once they discovered where she stopped”, then the shuttle engines start and it takes off up to the sky, Jon goes up the helm control of the shuttle, “anything other aircraft on radar”, Jon asks, “nothing yet” the plot answers, “fine, lets get out of here before they try to shoot us down or something else annoying” Jon says.

“We got problems” the pilot shouts at Jon and the women, “we got multiple contacts on radar coming in from Norway and Iceland, they are heading straight at us”, Jon ruses in, “I was hoping to avoid this”, he says annoyed, he asks the pilot, “any chance they can catch up on us?”, maybe, this planes are going a lot faster then the one we encountered 30 years ago the pilot says to Jon. “Let’s go as fast as you can at 70 degree angle, I know its not the best option since we are in the polar region, but its better then getting shot down from the sky” Jon says to the pilot, the pilot goes full in with speed going at 1200 km/h, as that is just under the sound barrier to avoid detection by sound. The military jets get close to shoot at the shuttle when they just cross the 30 km altitude, they can’t go any higher then 26 km and are forced down again. “Any damage?” Jon asks the pilot and he answers, “I think we got shrapnel in the hull on the east and bottom, nothing major but it has to be repaired before this shuttle can be used again in air flight, “great, at least it was nothing bigger” Jon says with ironic tone to his voice. They enter space, “any orbital trackers on us” Jon asks, “I don’t think so” says the pilot, then the pilot says, “I can go into space travel speed in about 2 minutes after we clear Earth gravity well”, Jon answers, “good, keep me updated on this, also keep on for orbital trackers, I don’t know what has been going on in the last 30 years since I was last here” Jon says to the pilot. Jon then says to the pilot, “I have to attend to my new permanent guest” and walks out the helm control.

He walks to the women that is still in the shuttle bay close to the car, “you bring trouble” Jon says, “yea, so what” the women answers as she picks up her phone and tries to make a call on it, “there is no signal” Jon says to the women, “we are now close to 33,000 km away from Earth and out of service range”, the women answers, “I think your full of shit and I think this is nonsense what you are saying, everyone knows that the human race doesn’t do space travel, too expensive and too dangerous, all we do is send out probes and telescopes, every school child on Earth knows that” she says to him. Jon shouts to the pilot, “what window side can you open for me?” the pilot answers, “I can open the right side, the left side is full of metal derbies after the missiles they shot at us, it’s broken and is not working”, then the pilot shouts, I have to swing by the moon to get proper speed before I can get into space travel speed, I can’t go full speed so we are going to be two hours late. I have sent a message to the main ship to approach us to speed things up”, Jon says to the women “see, nothing but problems since you walked into that coffee shop, not all of it your fault, but this is” Jon says to the women, “so what” the women answers back, then the pilot shouts again, “closing up on the moon” opening right window now.

The right window opens up, slowly and outside is the approaching moon in its full size and grey glory. The women stairs out the window, “this must be fake” she says, “no, this is the real thing” Jon answers. Then Jon says “since we got out of the way what is real or not I need to know your name”, the women answers, “it’s Berglind” she says to Jon. With that Jon says, “that is good to know”. With that Jon says, “My name is Jon Forever, I’ll explain the name to you later if you don’t hear it from the city first” he says, “city?” Berglind says, “yes, a city, 900,000 people live their, they are not human as you, they are still people, don’t worry about finding apartment, that is not a issue” Jon says to Berglind. Jon then calls on the women he had kissed earlier, she had been repairing damage to the shuttle due to missiles they almost got hit by. The women comes, kisses Jon again and says to Berglind, “I am Natolicea, my name means flower on the ocean coast, the pilot name is Y’taklen, it means one with the air, we get to choose our names at the age of 15 and their meaning” she says to Berglind. Then Berglind looks out the window and see the moon speed by at and it starts to get smaller.

“Why aren’t we floating?” She asks, “because this ship got a gravity engine” Natolicea explains. “In the old documentaries they show on television people where floating and scientists say that it’s impossible to make gravity” Berglind says, with that Jon answers, “you have been told a lot of lies, humans refused first contact when Natolicea people came to Earth in 2028, after a first contact was made in 2018 in secret. Government at the time where paranoid and unwelcoming. In the end Natolicea people decided to leave Earth in 2038 after just 10 year of contact with the human race. I thankfully had managed to get into contact with them at the time, just as a normal person. Despite the law that forbid contact, I contacted them anyway and managed to get away with them from Earth in 2041 on my own shuttle, it was not easy. I’ll arrange for you get a history class on the subject once we are back to Pegasi” Jon says to Berglind. Then the pilot shouts, “maximum speed reached, 30 km/s and the main ship is now two hours away from us, they are heading towards us to speed up pick-up due to our ‘technical problems'”. Then Y’taklen notices something strange and says to Jon, “there is a small probe attempting to follow us, it can’t keep up but it speeds is impressive for this level of technology, it is going at 18km/s or close to that speed”.

Two hours pass by, the probe from Earth is still on their tale as they pass trough the asteroid belt and go past Jupiter orbit. Then the shuttle starts to slow and and spends a good hour to slow down its speed. Suddenly the shuttle is all stop and its cargo hold is open. Berglind had been spending her time in the lunch area of the shuttle stands up and prepares to go out, as she goes out she goes straight into a quarantine area. “Don’t worry” says Jon, “this is standard protocol when we come from Earth, it is to prevent any disease that we might have picked up on Earth during our stay there, we are going to spend next 60 days in quarantine”, Berglind says, “I should have told you earlier, but I got problems” with that Jon answers, “don’t worry, it should not be a problem I hope. The doctors here are going to drain some of your blood and test if something is in it, they are going to do so with all of us. Normally there is always something, a virus or bacteria that is harmful to this people. This is necessary now since it has been 54 years since I was last on Earth and our monitoring probe picked up news of some type of outbreak in 2095 that killed a lot of people”, Berglind, “yea, it was the New Mexico plague, Iceland was mostly spared the outbreak, millions of people died in the Western U.S, there was no news from the Eastern U.S, the kingdom never gives right information anyway says the news”. Berglind asks, “where are we now? In space I mean”, Jon answers, “we are travelling trough an Einstein-Rosen bridge, we are going to be at Pegasi in 4 days time at current speed. It is slow, but there is no need to go any faster at the moment. We are going to remain on the ship for the next 60 days, protocols don’t allow for transfer to the surface until the 60 days are over” Jon says, then Jon says “this is all standard protocol for Earth, nothing to worry about”. Then Jon says to Berglind, “I don’t know what your old life was, but that part of over, what you do with the next chapter is up to you”, Berglind looks at Jon with questions in her face and a bit of worry. She is stepping into the unknown on a unknown planet with people that weren’t really people, at least not human even if they looked like humans.

Back on Earth.

Secret building of U.N Space defence headquarters in Berlin. “General, we got a problem”, It is sad on the phone, “Jon has appeared again after 54 years disappearance, we managed to get some security footage of him and he has not aged one day on them. We don’t know where he has been, but we now know he left with the Synatoids back in 2041, space probe was set to follow them from the Moon but it lost them after they passed the orbit of Jupiter, the probe ran out of fuel at the point, a civilian from Iceland did go with Jon in this case, he got into a fight with a man in a coffee shop in Reykjavík, that man is now in semi-vegetable state, what saved him was his illegal modification drugs that allowed for faster healing. He might be able to speak in 2 – 8 weeks, doctors are not sure, since they have never seen this type of damage before. A women did follow Jon back to his car in Reykjavík and security footage show that she did go into the car, we tracked her mobile until the highland in Iceland until she did go into Jon shuttle. She is now missing and a fake death report is going to be issued soon, no body is going to be found” the voice on the phone says, “anything else” says the general, “all the files and reports are on way to you as we speak” says the voice on the phone”, the general says, “start deep space search for Jon, he clearly didn’t arrive her in this small shuttle, it must have been something bigger, find it” the general says on the phone. “Right way” the voice in the phone says, “goodbye sir” the phone says, “goodbye” the general says on the phone and hangs up.

The Danish policy of 2077

Copenhagen 22th October 2077, 13:35 Central European Time.

The assistant opens the door to the prime minster of Denmark. The prime minister goes to his office and sits down, few red folders are waiting for him. Those are marked classified and for his eyes only. He opens one up, signs it and hands it to his secretary, he signs the next one, does the same. The third red folder is thicker, heavier and more detailed. He picks up a phone and makes a call, he is asking for minister of border security, justice and peace.

“Here is the resolution from the council, I wanted to get your opinion of it before I sign it into law”, the prime minister says to the minister of border security. “What is that you needed to talk about?” The justice minister asks, “mostly about cost, this is going to cost us a fortune once the increased border security is finished” the prime minister says, having stood up and gone to window looking out on the rainy day that it was. “While the costs are high, the economic benefits are greater, this is going to keep people from escaping over the border to Germany”, the minister for justice says, “since you know, Germans don’t send anyone back to Denmark once they are over the border. That is the big problem, we have pressured the Germans to send people to Denmark, but they always refuse”, the minister of justice says. “Regardless, this will become law”, says the prime minister as he sits down and signs the document into law. “I want preparations to start tomorrow according to this law” the prime minister says. “Yes, no problem”, the justice minister says. “What is the other problem the you wanted to discuss”, the justice minister asks. “The prison camps outside Odense and Århus are getting full, I got a solution to that problem, we simply execute 400.000 people, making room for 200.000 new prisoners in the process. I want you get this done by end of next week. We will issue a statement in the press that a sickness broke out in the prison camps and killed those people” the prime minister says.

“I also have one last matter, Germany refuses to give Denmark back Flensburg and the land down to Kiel. This is not acceptable. I want more pressure in this matter so Denmark can get back the land it lost in 1864. I want you to increase our demands to include Hamburg and nearby towns. The new border can be drawn at Lower Saxony to the east and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to the east” the prime minister says. “Germany is never going to accept this” the justice minister says, “doesn’t matter” the prime minister says, “I will take it anyway by force next year” he says to the justice minister. “The war with Russia has Germany occupied and they are going to be unprepared for this” the prime minister says. “With France in ruins and forces ruling England that have allied to our view, we will get support from them soon, once the border war with Scotland is over” the prime minister says. “I have commanded the army to prepare for war next year, we are going to build several defence and assault positions on the border with Germany so they can’t hit us back when we take back what is our land.” The prime minister says with a fierce voice.

The minister of border security, justice and peace goes out of the prime minister office. He has work to do. Once the prime minister of Denmark is alone, he picks up the phone and makes a call to Russia. “Everything is ready, we will invade Germany next year, that should give you the chance to take Germany over in few months” he says in the telephone, he says goodbye the person on the other end and hangs up the telephone.

The old computer

“What is this?” He says to his father and points to an old tower, “It’s an old computer, with keyboard, monitor and hard drive, if I remember correctly. This was something that your great, great grandfather used to use. I think also connected to the internet back in the old days”, Sam says. “The internet? What was that?” David says, “It was a communication network for the 20th and 21st century, it was closed down in the early 22th century when people lost interest in it” Sam says to David, that is now even more intrigued about this old device. “What year is it from?” David asks, “I don’t know, maybe we can find out, why?” Sam says to David, “I want to turn it on, if that is alright with you” he says. “Sure, no problem, if you can get it working again, but I don’t think we have a monitor for this old computer here, but I can check if someone has one from their grandparents or great-grandparents” Sam says.

Few days pass and David brings the old computer up from the basement, opens it up, cleans out all the old dust in it and checks the connectors for any fault that he can find. He finds out that the power supply in the computer is not working, due to old age. He manages to fix it with some older spare parts he gets from older computers that are not working, he also buys old capacitors and replaces them. This all takes two weeks and in week three he finally gets a working monitor for the computer, good size too, that is 24″ and its a oled screen with compatible ports, since the screen was few years younger than the computer, it might even be ten years younger than the computer.

After few more days he is ready to start the computer. David has Sam in the room, since this was a computer that his grandfather had used at one point. They didn’t know what they would find, they hoped it was not something awful or bad. It had at one point been connected to the internet they thought, but since there was no internet any more they had to skip that part. They both hoped it would not be a problem for them.

David presses the power button, the light on the monitor changes and name of the manufacturer appears, “Quantas computers, 15-June-2038, UEFI3 version 5.44.3” and some other information. The operating system starts to run, it says “Debian 34” on the screen. “What is that?” David asks Sam. “Let me check”, Sam says, “I got this book from our library, its about computers of the 21st century, history and how to use them”, Let me check Sam says, “found it”, Debian was an open source operating system at the time, it was free of charge, “Nice”, says David. “The best part is that it doesn’t require and internet connection to operate, as was common at the time with the operating systems that you needed to buy, specially something called Windows and the other one called Apple”, Says Sam to David “that is good to know” says David to Sam.

The computer takes few moments to boot and in the boot process it complains about wrong date, asks for permission to correct the clock to the correct time, with a simple yes no answer. David presses yes. A prompt shows up, asking for password for the user “I know, I found this old paper note inside the computer, it had that user name on it and a password”, David types in the password and is logged in, suddenly prompt shows up, “for next step, please connect audio speakers, please do not power down the computer, since this is not going to run this program again”, it says on the screen. “I know what this is, wait a moment” says Sam, he runs down to the basement to get the speakers from an old box and connects them to the computer, “is the message gone?” Sam asks, “no” David answers. “I’ll try the next port” Sam moves the connector, “Make sure you turn the speakers on”, says David, “right” says Sam and connects them into the power converter he has for this old computer, and David presses the on power button in. “Is the message gone now” asks Sam, “no” David answers, “it must be the next connector”, Sam mutters to him self. Suddenly a sound i heard from the computer and a voice says, “please stand by, video is loading”.

“Hello, if you’re seeing this video it means that I’ve been captured, I’m dead or both. While I might not be able to tell you what happened to me. I can tell you what is happening to the world right now”, the man in the video says. “I’m Sam, I’m 29 years old and the year is 2044 and the date is 23rd of August and the clock is 06:14 AM”. It has now been seven hundred and nineteen days since the Tukeln came to Earth, offering us peace and a world without war and poverty. That is all a lie, I’ve been working with the government on this and with Tukelin since day three hundred and seven and by chance I found this data on their computer system. I can’t copy the data directly from their computer systems, since they are not compatible with our computers, the best I can do is to offer this images of what I found. They can be found on the hard drive, under the folder tuklen-images” the man in the video says. “I’ve also collected documents from the around the internet about this, intelligent gatherings and other information, they can be found the folder documents” Sam in the video says. “It is best that you copy all of this data to an usb stick to keep it safe, since if this data is lost, its not certain that it can be recovered”. He pauses for a few moments and then continues.

“The Tukeln have a mission and that is to enslave the human race. I don’t know for what or how exactly, I know it sounds insane since they offer peace and world with out disease or war. It however is all a lie, all a scam and we are the bait” he says in a nervous tone on the video. Suddenly he stands up and walks to his window and then back to his computer. “I got company, the police is here at the request of the Tukeln on prompt up charges that I was going to harm them or something, I’m not sure. I can’t record any more video, since I have to make sure the computer is secure before the police gets into my apartment. Goodby everyone and good luck. I hope we win the coming war.” He says in the end, the video turns black and is turned off and the recording ends. An audio file is turned on, it is short, around a minute long, cops are heard breaking into the apartment, shouting and arresting Sam. Then silence falls and the computer turns off on its own, ending the recording of the audio file.

“Sam, do you know who Sam is?” Asks David. “I think it was my grandfather friend, he vanished in or around 2045 according to my grandfather, if I remember correctly. He didn’t say a lot about him, at least not to me” Sam says. “Can you find the files he spoke of”, Sam asks David, “let me try, I don’t think the hard drive is working well. I found this 10TB old usb5 stick, I can copy the data into the to so we have a copy”. David says, “Do it”, says Sam, “I want to see those old files” Sam says, “why” asks David, “My grandfather never liked the Tukeln, but he never explained why that was, maybe I can have an answer now”. Sam says to David that copies the file into the old usb stick. It only takes a moment, the image folder is large, around 230GB worth if images in it. Other files are larger, they appear to be mostly text documents and such. “Copying files..finished” it says on the screen and the copy files information window turns off.

Few moments after copying of the files has finished and David unplugs the usb stick a warning message appears on the computer screen. “Warning: Erasing all data!” That only takes a moment and then suddenly the computer is rebooted. This time around the boot screen says “Debian 36” and it logs in automatically into a user with no sign of the earlier operating system or data. It looks like a normal computer and nothing special about it. “This is why they didn’t find this data” David says, “What has happened?” Sam says to David. “The computer rebooted and the data is just gone. I don’t know what happened” David says. “You got the copy of the data?” Sam asks, “yes, but I don’t we can do anything with it. None of the software used to create it exists today, not even in the library” David says. “The oldest software they got is from 2080 and nothing before that. Soon after that computers did mostly go out of fashion with the pubic” David says. “We can try to see what we can find” Sam says.

Over there house, a patrol by the Tukeln fly by and is unaware of this discovery that has been made. Discovery that might change everything for them and there presence on Earth.


This story might contains errors that are going to be correct once this is story is published as an e-book at Amazon.

News from the year 2018

News from the year 2018: Trump famine continues in the U.S. 45 million people estimated dead. U.N overwhelmed, refugees from U.S enter Canada and Mexico. This famine in the U.S started in mid 2017 when Trump blundered the farming system in the U.S, putting millions of farmers out of work. He also refused and abolished all pollution controls in the U.S leading to contamination of the water and the soil in the large parts of the U.S. Areas that nothing is going to grow for the next two-thousands years. This has also lead to contaminated areas in Canada and Mexico in border areas and reaching up to 20 – 50 km into those countries. President Trump has also been put on a black list in the EU, Canada, Mexico and all of south-America and Africa. Other countries are currently considering taking actions against Trump. The U.S economy has almost collapsed, leading to mass poverty and crime levels up to 78% in some areas of the U.S.

New transmission from unspecific date and month in the future ends.

Sector 24-17-52

Military space-station Gelamatix in sector 177-321-99-1 at the edge of the galaxy. This is on Wednesday 24-November-2559 at 14:35 UTC standard Earth Time.

“Captain, there is something appearing on the long distance radar. It entered normal space in sector 24-17-52 and is 48 light hours away from us, we might be able to have visual on it by now” Ltd, Clair says to her captain James. “I just hope its not a asteroid, comet, or some other space junk from long lost alien civilization” he says. I’m going home tomorrow and I was hoping for quiet last hours at this post. “It’s not a comet or an asteroid, or any type of space junk, this is in a empty region of space” Ltd, Clair says to her commanding officer. “Great, just what I needed” James says, “bring up the long range cameras, its only 48 hours away from us currently so we should be able to record the light from it at this point” Other officers go and do turn and aim the long range cameras at the unknown object. “Bring it up on the screen” James says, “lets see what we got her”, while he looks at the screen, “what is that?” he asks, “can we get a better resolution on this object” he checks with his staff, “let me try” Ltd, Mark says, “any improvement?, Ltd, Mark asks, “little, try to focus more and clear up the image” Captain James says. “How large this object?” James asks, “Let me check” Ltd, Johanna answers, she goes to her computer and does the math. “It’s large sir, really, really large”, she says, “how large” James asks, “around five times the size of the moon, with seven time the mass of the moon, so it’s dense” Ltd, Johanna says to her captain.

“Seven time mass of the moon”, Captain James says, “do we know how this just appeared in empty space, do we know anything at all?” Captain James says. “We are at safe distance, since the object is at distance of 346,25 Astronomical units”, tactical officer William told the captain. “So far nothing has left this object. Maybe this is a asteroid that has just crossed out radar” William says over to his co-workers. “Maybe, just maybe” Ltd, Clair says. Suddenly, a light appears on the surface, clearly seen on the long range cameras that continue to be focused on the sphere object. “We got something” Ltd, Clair says, as more lights on the object turn on slowly and in order. The sphere lights up slowly, “anything coming away from the sphere” Captain James asks Ltd, Clair. “No, nothing so far, this might not even be occupied, might be fully automatic system” she says. Suddenly everything starts to shake at the space station, “WoW!” Ltd, Clare says, “what was that”, James asks while look at the monitors that are focused on the sphere. “What is it doing”, Ltd Clair says. “When I took astrophysics this was not covered in my studies”, she says. “What is this?” Captain James asks, “we don’t know”, Ltd, Clair says, this is not in our database or in our database, this is clearly alien. “Alien, you are telling me that aliens build a sphere that is five times the size of the moon with seven times of the mass”, Captain James says, as new gravity wave hits space station in full force, “this was clearly stronger then the last one” Ltd, Clair says.

“We are about to find out what is going on there” Ltd, Clair says to her fellow officer, new gravity wave hits the station. “This one was smaller” Ltd, Clair says, “I’m going to contact head quarters and ask for an advice on what to do” Captain James says and walks into his office. “Yes, sir” Ltd, Clair says. While the captain is in his office contacting the head quarters in order to ask for assistance and advice on what to do in the situation that has now ongoing. A strong gravity wave hits the space station suddenly, making it tilt on it’s axis a little bit. “Everyone alright” Ltd, Coleman calls out, “I’m alive” Ltd, Clair says. “I’m alive too”, Ltd, Jenna says. “There is going to be a axis correction in 45 second, get ready for it” Ltd, Coleman calls out. The space station does an automatic axis correction and is now on its regular 0° degree axis. “Where are those gravity waves coming from, not the sphere, it’s too small for this?” Ltd, Clair wonders, being one of three a astrophysicists in this mission. “Is the captain alright” Ltd, James asks, “I think so, he was in a conference with his superiors earlier”. Second in command walks into the command deck, “where is the captain?” he asks, “in his office” Private, Paul says. The second in command tries to raise the door, but no answer comes from the office. “Ask for medics” second in command says, private officer asks for medics to the captains office. The second in command opens the door with his security override code, the door opens in the end, clearly something happened at the captains office, even of the main command deck had mostly escaped any major damage. The medics arrive to the command office. Second in command steps out, the commander is alive, just unconscious after he got knocked by the wall during the axis rotation. “Do we know how much the rotation of the axis was?”, the second in command asks, “it was around 25%, I don’t have any better number to give you now, due to technical failures from the gravity waves” Ltd, Clair says.

“I’ve just figured out were those gravity waves are coming from, they are coming from dark matter close to the sphere. The sphere seems to be energizing it somehow. I’ve never seen this before, everything we know about dark matter might be wrong due this…” suddenly Ltd, Clair is interrupted, “look out the window, what is that?” private Theo says. “Oh, what is that” Ltd, Clair says. “Running the scanners to see what this is, this appears to be energized hydrogen. It has been theorized in the early universe, but they never managed to proof it as a fact” Ltd, Clair says. “Contact the second in command now, do it now, this is top priority” Ltd, Clair yells out in a panic mode. She looks at the monitor that is working. “Can someone re-focus the long distance camera that is working, we have to know what is going on at the sphere” Ltd, Clair says to her fellow officers. “Let me try, there is some damage to the camera” Clair hears from the person manning the long distance camera. “What is that..?” Clair says. The sphere is now in full light and giving out a huge amount of energy that is lighting up the dark space and the dark matter around it. Second in commands enters the command desk, “report” he says to Ltd, Clair. “We are in big trouble”, she says to second in command, “how so” he says, “you see the light outside, that is energized hydrogen, there are theories that suggest that when the hydrogen looses the extra four electrons that are now attached to it is going to be a big bang” Ltd, Clair says to her second in command, “we are surrounded by this type of prime ordeal hydrogen” she says, “I though this was only a theory” second in command says, “so did I” Clair says. “What is your recommendation?” second in commands asks Clair, “we need to leave, we need to evacuate everyone right now or soon as possible” Clair says, “we also got second problem and that is larger” Clair says and looks up at the screen where the sphere can be seen in its full light. Suddenly something smaller shoots out from the sphere, a smaller sphere appears, it is even glowing more intense then the larger one that is now starting to dim down. Suddenly the larger sphere makes a slow move and opens up a subspace window and disappears into it. “It’s gone” Clair says to her second in command, a second bright spot is in place were it left the smaller sphere in place. “What is that” Clair wonders.

Clair runs a spectral analyse while the station evacuations are on the way. The results come in on her computer screen, “no way”, she says to her self. “Get me commander Freddy” she says over the intercom. “Commander Freddy her” is answered, “anything new to report”, he says, “we got a major problem” Clair says, “explain” second in commander says to her, “we got some type of proto-star out there at 346 astronomical units, expect it is not any type of proto-star that has been observed before. It seems to be converting the dark matter into plain hydrogen and the normal hydrogen that was in the gas cloud next to us is now highly energized as result. This process twenty folds every two hours, giving us about eight to ten hours until it explodes and converts all the dark matter into normal hydrogen, at that time the shock-wave might collapse the newly formed gas cloud into a new star and start a formation of a new star system, we need to get out of here now, radiation levels are also going to skyrocket and they are already rising, we got about four to six hours until they reach deadly levels” Clair says, “I see, I’ll order emergency evacuations for all personal right now” second in commanders says.

Within few hours the space station Gelamatix is evacuated of all staff, the strange proto-star explodes in a great light and in the process converting all the dark matter into hydrogen and the nearby hydrogen that had been energized earlier in the process lost its extra energy in big bang, destroying the space station Gelamatrix. Ltd, Clair had set-up automatic data link from the stations sensors and nearby satellites in order to monitor what was going on in all this process. The amount of data is going to take scientists decades to solve and theorize what did happen at sector 24-17-52. Captain Clair leads that research team into this case. The origins and the age and of the sphere that did appear remain unknown. This case remains classified at interstellar military of United Earth. Official explanation of the destruction of the space station Gelamatrix is that space storm hit it with this disastrous results. The military thanks that no lives where lost in the loss of the space station.

The coffee machine box

What was in the box? It was a supposed to be a coffee machine. That is what the store sad, it was also what the box sad. She opened the box and inside the box was not a coffee machine. She was not sure what it was, what she did know was that she was falling into it. Dam those holes in the fabric of space and time. She knew that she should have paid more attention in astronomy class back in school.

Falling down the hole she was thinking were she would end up. She didn’t know. Did the hole know? She was going to figure that out soon. She was seeing something that looked like an end of the hole. She hoped that she would not end up as an splash spot on somebody pavement. If that was to happen, she hoped it would at least be a good splash.

The man who did run the world

The truth is that the world is run by single guy in a small apartment in Paris, France. He runs the world between 09:00 to 11:30 weekdays and 10:30 and 11:30 on weekends. It was a quiet job, somebody needed to do it. This job had got into his hands by nothing but a fleeting chance and some part bad luck. It was routine, paid in decently and nobody even knew that this job existed. He did not have clue way. It was mostly just paperwork, signing this and that and sending it on it’s way. Use of email and other electronic communications in this job did not exit. He even had a letter saying it would never happen. It was from his boss, what his boss was running he had no idea. Maybe the moon or the universe. It was in the end all just speculation for him. At least the working hours are short during the week and even shorter during the weekend.